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Re: Random questions

Autumn. I prefer heat over cold but summer is too hot at times and I can’t really wear clothes I feel comfortable in. Spring is nice but it’s hay fever season and the weather can be pretty temperamental. Winter is too cold but I really like the fashion; long pants and jackets and boots. Therefore, despite it being quite wet and rainy, autumn is the season where you can experience all of these things.

Question: What sort of book, film or tv show genre do you like the most ?

Re: Random questions

For books, it would be psychological thrillers and mysteries. My favourite author at the moment is B.A Paris - would recommend if anyone is interested in similar genres! For films and TV shows, I like light-hearted movies that make me laugh, so comedy would definitely me my first pick. 


Question: What is the scariest thing you've done for fun? 

Re: Random questions

I guess the scariest thing I've ever done for fun is going on roller coasters. That being said I absolutely cannot stand roller coasters where there's a big backwards drop but a long forwards drop and going fast is scary but super fun. Despite my fear of heights, the scariest and most nerve-racking part is the queue beforehand and getting on the ride because you're just waiting and looking up at what is coming for so long.


Question: Do you have a favourite type of cheese? If so, what and why?