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Reading Slump

 I have been suffering bookslump. I hate it, I am reading a book and I get that escape to another world feeling but I've had this book slump for so long, I don't know if I'm enjoying the book. I am paranoid? I don't know what to do!!


Re: Reading Slump

Hey there @Clarke,


I'm sorry to hear that you've been in a bookslump. It's unfortunate when books don't give us the escape that we're after. When I find myself struggling to get into a new book, I tend to go back to my old favourites, do you think that would work for you? 


We also have a fantastic thread on Books here where you might find some suggestions on good books, or can share some things about your own favourite books. What do you think?


I am going to tag in some other users to share some of their fabulous advice @scared01 @ecla34 @litgym @annabethxchase @Sunflower18 @Esperanza67 @Grake


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!


Re: Reading Slump

Hey @Clarke,


It sounds rough not enjoying something that used to enable you to 'escape to another world', like you said. I definitely get the positive impact books can have on our lives. 


Thinking back, I remember experiencing something like this a couple of years ago. Like you, I just wasn't enjoying what I was reading. I tried two different tactics, one was to stop reading for a while, so I put the books away and started doing other things in the time I would normally read. After a while, I missed reading, so I decided maybe changing what I was reading would help and it did. I realised that my interests had changed and my books were no longer about things that interested me, so it was time to get some new books.


What worked for me may not be applicable for you, but I'm wondering if changing what you're reading would help? Or is there something else you enjoy that you could tap into for a while to see if the book slump passes?


Let us know how you go!





Re: Reading Slump

hi @Clarke both @Jay-RO and @Sunflower18 have offerred some great advice.

I too often find myself in a reading slump, something that helped me was to pick something i feel interested in studying to help motivate my reading. i still cant particularly read for long amounts of time but since i started to study things just for fun and explore other book titles that maybe i wouldnt have thought of before it has helped.
Perhaps since youve had this book for a while, its best to put it away for now and try another book. sometimes if a book doesnt grasp my interest within the first pages i just cant read it.

Hope you can find your reading enjoyable again soon!
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Reading Slump

Hey @Clarke,
I reckon everyone has given you fantastic advice but I relate to this topic a lot so I thought I'd give my input Smiley Happy
I had this a while back, I was really busy and lots of people were giving me book recommendations. I love reading but I wasn't in the mood at that time, I felt a bit pressured to get reading, it's never nice feeling pressured while doing something you love - It kinds of ruins it a bit Smiley Sad

Anyway, I picked up a series and I was just reading, not taking in a single word on the page. I quit reading for a while because there was no use reading a series that din;t appeal, wasn't interesting at that time. After a couple of weeks I got back to the series and I found I really enjoyed it!

I agree with @scared01, I can't read something that I find uninteresting in the first couple of pages Smiley Sad I think just giving it time and letting yourself have a 'break' is really good!
Let us know how you get one Smiley Happy