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Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

My kindle is hungry!


I do like fiction but it's a bit harder to get a good recommendation, because it's all personal taste. Non-fiction on the other hand. I like biographies - esp tech/biz folk like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs.


Also trying to understand more about real estate, so Australian property ones.


Any entrpreneur, start-up, business type ones.


If that fails... fiction works!

Re: Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

I can't help you with biographies of tech/ business folk or real estate I'm afraid (sorry!) but the most recent non-fiction I've read is 'The Little Book of Anxiety' by Kerri Sackville (a really funny book and very relatable for anyone who has experienced anxiety) and Darren Lockyer's autobiography (but if you're not into rugby league it probably wouldn't interest you). How did you find Steve Jobs's biography? I've heard it's really good.

Re: Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

Unfortunately I can't say I've read much, or any, tech, biz or real estate biographies or non fiction books!

I read a lot of mental health biographies so I can recommend books in that category!

Also, the book Burned Alive by Souad was good- about a girl who survived an 'honour killing' because she had sex with a neighbour.

Re: Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

I'm probably not much help with non-fiction, especially those sorts of books. But if you're interested in fantasy, I recommend George R. R. Martin's 'A Song of Fire and Ice' series (aka Game of Thrones), it's so good!

I'm also into a lot of classic fiction, so if you'd like a few recommendations let me know Smiley Happy

Re: Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

I read the Steve Jobs biography and found it really interesting. Maybe because I used to work for Apple? Haha
But his journey as an individual was really fascinating. He tried all sorts of new things and really committed himself to them if he believed in them. He didn't care what others thought; he had great faith in himself and his abilities (and in the people around him) and stuck to that. I found it oddly encouraging.

Despite that, I'm not much of a biography reader. The closest I get are people's wikipedia pages or their profiles on IMDB. Smiley Very Happy

The books are a little older now but I enjoyed a couple of books by Simon Winchester. One is The Surgeon of Crowthorne, which details some of the more particular history in the creation of the first English dictionary; the other was The Map That Changed The World, which is about the first geological map ever created.

Freakonomics is a more recent non-fiction book that is very popular among entrepreneurs.


Re: Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

ARrhh I love biographies!! Smiley Very Happy Especially ones that are about overcoming massive difficulties!


At the moment I'm reading "You'll Be Sorry When I'm Dead" by Marieke Hardy... it's quite amazing.. she decided, at 11 years old, that she wanted to be a prostitute!! Apparently she now reviews other books on that First Tuesday Book Club tv show!

Also, "Tess" was really good, but I cant remember her full name! (She wrote it).


Hope this helps someone sometime Smiley Happy



Re: Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

@Bluebird - I really like Marieke Hardy. I should try and track that book down Smiley Happy

@AllyEm - Unfortunately I can't help with tech/biz or real estate books - I actually hardly ever read. However, I am reading a really interesting book by Michael Pollan called "In defence of food" - I guess it would fall under the topic of 'food politics', but it's pretty interesting!

Re: Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

I'm currently reading 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed and it's such an amazing story.

One of my friends recommended it to me because it was in the New York Times Best Seller List and she thought I might enjoy it. 

I have to say, I don't normally read biographies but i'm so glad i took her up on it cause it's such an amazing story!

It's basically about this woman who lost her mother to cancer and didn't deal with her grief very well leading to her deciding to decide to hike though the middle of America all by herself with no previous hiking experience. 


I don't know why it resonated so much with me...but it's so well written and I can't recommended it more to anyone wanting a good read. 


Beware of the tears though. Good tears I promise! Smiley Happy

Re: Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

50 Shades of Gray Smiley Tongue ahaha

Re: Recommend me a non-fiction book pls!

if your up for it, Wheels of Terror by Sven Hassel, but fair warning, Its something for older readers.