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Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

@Tiny_leaf  I had a close encounter with a tiger too! I was at Dreamworld many years ago when some people walked past with a small tiger on a leash. I ran over and patted it near its tush! It was so cute. Smiley Happy

I hope to see many more dangerous animals. I swam with sharks and stingrays once and they were really friendly and loved getting pats, cuddles and food. They loved the attention and seeing the guests. You had to be careful that they didn't accidentally chomp your finger thinking that it was food when you fed them though!

Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

@WheresMySquishy awwww!!! I love tigers. My grumpy little cat does a fairly good impression of them Smiley Tongue

The most dangerous animals I get to see regularly are dingoes, but I'm not trained enough to be a dingo handler... yet. They're so beautiful though!

I do get to work with emus. They're more annoying than dangerous mostly, but because I'm short they keep trying to boss me around. I've had more battles-of-the-will with those birds than I like to admit...


Do you have any plans for these holidays?

My family's going to Victoria. It probably sounds weird, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the birds there. In WA we basically have different versions of the Eastern states birds, and not as many feral ones. It was really weird seeing a crimson rosella for the first time.

Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

@Tiny_leaf  Your cats sound cute! I'd love to see dingoes and emus. I'm so jealous you get to work with them!

My sister's in hospital for about five weeks, so we will be spending our holidays there. I wish I could trade places with her though. My grandma has been driving me up the wall and doing silly things so I can't really leave the house. I'm pretty sure she has some kind of dementia. Thing is, when I'm alone with her or she's by herself, she gets anxious and her behaviour gets worse. You need to watch her constantly to make sure she doesn't do anything risky. Today she almost set fire to the kitchen. Lucky me! At least my sister is being constantly entertained and treated like a queen. Someone let her play with a therapy dog, she got to do art and read books and people sang songs with her.

Victoria is one of my favourite places to visit! I have a lot of family members living there and we visit each other from time to time. When we last went there, I think we saw penguins in the Melbourne aquarium. Once we spent New Year's Eve there and got to see a really great view of fireworks from our apartment.

Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

@WheresMySquishy "tame" emus can be more or less jusy bossy, over-sized feather dusters.. Smiley Tongue

I like the less tame ones though, they don't do as much chasing and are very good at sneakily stealing food.


And ah... does your grandma have an official diagnosis of anything? I know that there are aged care workers that do in-home care, but I don't know how expensive they are or how easy it is to find a reliable one... 

And well done for saving your kitchen!

I'm the kind of person who could probably burn salad, I can't use much other than the microwave when I'm at home alone, and even then there are occasional explosions...

And it's good that your sister's finally gotten into a hospital! Hopefully she'll start improving with actual medical care...


And was the aquarium good? I kinda want to go but I'm not sure..

Though they have lungfish there!!! Lungfish are very cool. 

Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

Hey Everyone!
I may as well join this thread!

I went to the beautiful islands (Lifou, Noumea, and Port Vila in Vanuatu), on a cruise two years ago. I had never been on a boat for the time of 7 and a half days before, so I didn't know if I would get seasick or not.
I went on the Pacific Dawn, if you've ever been on a P+O cruise.

I absolutely loved it, but that's all I can share today.

I'll be back with more later today.Smiley Happy

Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

Great thread @Andrea-RO, and I love everyone's responses!


Hmmm... I was in Norway a few weeks ago and although this isn't a funny story, I was so happy because I found a place that had the most delicious vegan dumplings! Smiley Happy 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx that must've been amazing!!

@letitgo I love finding places with good vegan food! Most of the time I just have to get chips or something...

I went to a fairly remote restaurant/ pub once, almost everything had beef, pork or some weird combination of both. I could choose between mashed potato, potato chips, and potato wedges.

Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

Love reading all these!


I haven't been on holiday in years but am going away next month so hopefully will have something good to add then!!

Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx  I have visited Noumea and Vanuatu too! I really like Mystery Island! I have seen Noumea three times and it hasn't really impressed me. Once we arrived and all the shops were closed. The best part about my trips there was the aquarium because they had large turtles and a nautilus! Smiley Happy

Speaking of cruises, my family and I went on a cruise down the Nile with their colleagues when I was five. I decided to find a hiding spot behind the curtains and play with my mum's makeup while she went to the bathroom. When she got out, she couldn't find me. I didn't want anyone knowing what I was doing so I stayed hidden. My parents thought I had fallen overboard and everyone searched the ship looking for me, while I was still behind a curtain in our cabin, oblivious to what was going on! Eventually, one of their friends found me. We all have a good laugh about it to this day. Smiley LOL

@Tiny_leaf  The GP has recommended an aged care assessment for my grandma, which I want to organise. I don't think she's been 'officially' diagnosed with anything yet. I have to ask my other family members for help explaining the assessment to her in a way she can understand first. I was discussing it with them and we are thinking of getting her a carer during the day. We've had some respite care before but she needs someone there all the time now. I think the best solution would be for her to go to a nursing home but she refuses to go, unfortunately.

Re: Share Your Holiday Stories!

@WheresMySquishy you got to see a live nautilus!?

And Smiley LOL your poor parents!

And that sounds good, plus knowing what's going on could help you and your family find resources and supports.

I'd suggest "shopping around" if you eventually do the nursing home thing.. some are really understaffed...