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Share your favourite TV Show!

I want to start a new series - can anyone recommend a series and why they love it? 

I really love Prison Break, Person of Interest, Mission Impossible (1960s), Spooks and Brooklyn 99 but I will watch anything really Smiley Happy 

Re: Share your favourite TV Show!

@WinterCalvino Breaking Bad, The Wire, Vikings and Game of Thrones all because of their plot

Re: Share your favourite TV Show!

@hunginc I like the look of The Wire Smiley Happy will give it a try - thanks! 

Re: Share your favourite TV Show!

Hi @WinterCalvino  !


I have been watching a range of shows this holiday and have some recommendations from my own favorites.


Since you said you enjoyed Brooklyn 99 I would recommend (both of these are on Netflix):

  • New girl (IMO one of the best, consistently funny sitcoms with the main cast all being interesting, relatable, and hilarious) 
  • The Good place (A very strange premise of the "afterlife", but intriguing and fun show to watch) 

And if you're looking for more action-filled, "darker" but still fun and enjoyable shows:

  • Game of thrones
  • Umbrella Academy
  • Money Heist

Re: Share your favourite TV Show!

@Anzelmo thank you! All of these look super awesome - have been meaning to watch New Girls too