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Spotify playlists

Hey! I recently found this awesome Spotify playlist called Brekkie Time. At the moment its my go to pretty much every time I get in the car. 

Feel free to share any playlists you've found here!

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Re: Spotify playlists

I use Spotify alllllll the time Smiley Tongue Been listening to this one lately:

Re: Spotify playlists

An oldie but a goodie, Your Favourite Coffeehouse is my go to playlist for when I feel like I need to calm down a bit. It's super chill and never fails to put me in a better mood Smiley Happy 


Definitely going to have a listen to Brekkie Time!

Re: Spotify playlists

Hello. Thanks for sharing. I like to listen to other people's playlists when mine get boring. It seems to me that if you listen to someone's playlist, you can learn a lot about a person or feel his soul. By the way, I've been using spotify for a year. And I'm very happy with this app. I go for a run and listen to playlists of interesting people, it inspires me. And it charges my day with energy and positive. Yesterday, I found a site to promote my spotify account. Since, I think my playlist is very interesting, I want as many people as possible to listen to it.
Does anyone know any other sites to promote Spotify to have an alternative?

Re: Spotify playlists

Really thanks for sharing! I am a big fan of Spotify, it has a superb collection of playlists from Hip Hop, EDM, Rock, to Ariana Grande R&B hits. I'd love to listen different playlist even download Spotify Playlists on MP3 player by using Tunelf Spotify Music Downloader in order to listen anytime anywhere.HeartHeartHeart

Re: Spotify playlists

Oh GREAT thread!!

Theres one called 'coastal drive' and it has some absolute tunes - both my boyfriend and I rated it