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Stuck at home need advice and ideas!


Hey, I am a 15  yr old male, in the summer holiday and I have tried almost every option to get out and do something so that when I go to bed I can feel that I achieved something but I cant seem to succeed in it. So I need some advice and ideas from you guys and gals.


Options I tried; Getting a job (I'm in the process of waiting for replies from the manager, not one came back), volunteering at rspca (cant start that because I need to attend a training night which is months away), tried new hobbies but since my hobbies are combat sports my mum wouldnt send me to because she thinks its too dangerous when it's not, and trust me I tried to talk to her and if I took the bus it would only be for one hour a week, I have tried to focus on some holiday homework but I have no motivation for it now, I just moved to a new school and I haven got many friends plus the ones I have are overseas, my old friends are also busy and I feel that I am losing contact with them, my mum and dad are always working and leaving me home alone even on weekends. I need some long term ideas please.


Re: Stuck at home need advice and ideas!

Hey Nightsky.

I replied to you in the other thread then I realised it was in tough times. Thanks for making a new thread in right spot Smiley Happy


At 15 and at this particular time of the year it is pretty difficult to get a job but don't be discouraged by the lack of responses, keep trying!


My Dad and mom used to work very long hours during the week and on Saturdays as well so I tended to get quite bored.


It is actually great you feel this way as it shows you have a strong drive to accomplish things and be better than who you were yesterday. If you can't hang out with your mates or play the sports that you do want to it might be time to look for other things that may interest you.


In the long holidays I usually get stuck into a good book which can keep me going for a very long time.

Another thing which you may want to try is learn new skills through the internet such as: learning another language; how to photoshop images;edit vidoes; learn magic tricks...

The list is endless as the internet is such a great resource.


 I forgot to mention learning! In my spare time I've been watching documentaries and youtube channels such as TED and bigthink. Why this is so great is that there is such a wide range of videos you can choose from and by watching these videos you may even find a new passion or even possible carrer path. One of my all time favourites is:




(btw documentaries can be watched legally on SBS



All the best!


Didn't mean to write such a long post, Sorry ><


Re: Stuck at home need advice and ideas!

Hi Nightsky!

I've always had trouble finding things to do in the holidays and I find its really easy to fall into boredom.

You mentioned that you looked into volunteering at rspca, have you thought about other volunteering opportunities. Think of some a cause that you're interested in and then do some research (can be just google or this try this site Volunteering can be a great way to spend your days and make you feel like you achieved something Smiley Happy

If those don't work try writing a list of hobbies or activities you might enjoy doing (even things you've never tried before - as michine said the holidays can be a great time to learn something new). Have you thought about maybe learning an instrument or trying out something like photography? Or maybe even trying out a new sport? Sports are great because you can meet a lot of new people and its something you can continue even when you do go back to school.

Good luck!

Re: Stuck at home need advice and ideas!

Hi Nightsky


Holidays can be very boring. I know that for a fact because I felt the same about high school holidays as well as University holidays. It is so easy to just spend the day sleeping in and getting up late in the afternoon because thats what I do and I so need to fix that. So good on you , Nightsky, for being motivated to step up and ask for ideas.


I have tried volunteering for a christmas gift wrapping event, it was for Jeans for Genes day and don't worry, the customers realised I had no gift wrapping skills but they didn't mind at all, we all just laughed and the wonkily-wrapped present.


I need to get my acts together and walk my dog. I used to run around the block too, especially during high school, I wanted to train for cross country and the athletics carnival.


Otherwise if all fails, you could try and surf around the ReachOut forums and see what other community users are doing, there is a 'Man-Cave' thread dedicated to guys

and a great self-care section in 'Everyday life stuff' (pick one thread and challenge yourself by providing a response Smiley Happy


Fill us in with your progress





Re: Stuck at home need advice and ideas!

As the other members of the forum above me have given amazing advice I just want to add what I do to fill in massive amounts of time (my favourite hobby)

If you're interested in IT maybe try computer programming. Just an idea, not sure if you're interested in IT but I just thought I would chuck the idea out there as I love it so much Smiley Happy

Re: Stuck at home need advice and ideas!

Wow every has been so quick to respond to these messages, it's wonderful to feel someones there, for that thank you. 

I will surely try every single one of your ideas.  


Re: Stuck at home need advice and ideas!

Hey Nightsky,

I can totally relate to this. I used to hate school holidays because I always got so bored! Even now I still get bored when on uni holidays. But it's great that you have the motivation to do things!

These days I spend a lot of time doing exercise - swimming and walking. That has the added bonus of tiring you out so you sleep better at night. I also like to cook things for my family - including making dinner (they will probably really appreciate it too!). I know it might seem boring, but maybe ask your parents if there is anything that they want you to do. I used to hate the thought of doing odd jobs around the place, but I ended up enjoying doing some of them especially if I had music up loud while doing them! And you could earn some pocket money as well!

But yeah, reading and finding a new hobby is a great idea too! Smiley Happy

Good luck with the job hunting!