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Re: Study Stress and How to Overcome it!

making really in depth lists/ tasks always helps me with stress and best feeling is ticking of al the tasks you do. the smaller the task the more easy it is to finish and see all your goals getting ticked off. another thing is to focus on one thing at a time, have a planner on hand so you can see everything is out in front of you it may be overwhelming at first but when you start you cant stop. take breaks 45 min of study 15 min breaks stick to it so you don't loose your rhythm. 

Re: Study Stress and How to Overcome it!

Good luck to everyone who has exams coming up! Heart


@Mia238 I'm the same as you and I love working out first thing in the morning! It's a really good way for me to clear my head and focus on myself. 


I also love listening to podcasts which help me relax. I normally do this before bed so that I have something else to think about, other than study stress, allowing me to fall asleep more easily. 


I'm also a big tea drinker and that always calms me down - my favourites are chamomile tea and chai tea Smiley Happy

Re: Study Stress and How to Overcome it!

Thanks @celestialdreamer ! 


When I am losing focus I find it good to take a quick break before getting back to study. I also find that making a list of tasks to do and ticking them off when completed helps me to stay focused as I feel some satisfaction when ticking things off. 


Hope this helps @celestialdreamer 

Re: Study Stress and How to Overcome it!

Thank you @mol1912 I think I definitely need to get better at pacing myself and knowing when to take breaks so will definitely try that! Smiley Very Happy