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Re: Superheroes / Super-heroines

@Sohpie-RO In the Marvel universe there is a hero/villain (he is a bad guy sometimes and a good guy other times but more neutral) named Legion. He has multiple personalities all up in his head and he has access to the powers of each one but one at a time. He's pretty awesome.

The comic Days of Future Past is a little old. Sadly I have yet to see the movie because I missed it when it was out in cinemas. But it has Kitty Pryde who goes back in time because her past self doesn't have the mental blocks like the other members of the X-Men.

Re: Superheroes / Super-heroines

There are some amazing superheroes to check out
Deadpool is one of my favorites as he is one of the funniest comic characters in my opinion and he breaks the 4th wall and talks to the readers.I recommend him if you want some great laughs as well as action
If you want some darker stuff, Batman is the obvious choice. Check out Long Halloween and Hush. Long Halloween is a good introduction into the less action oriented Batman comics.
You should also check out the Hellboy comics and movies. His comics are fantastical but still very dark. Hellboy himself is a fantastsic character. Another one like him is The Goon.
The Avengers Arena series too is awesome. It takes members of the Avengers school (Before you get excited, these are extremely minor chracters and for some of them, this is their comic debut) and puts them in a Battle Royale style game where they must kill each other
For some crazy movies, I recommend:
The Machine Girl: a Japanese action film. It is quite violent and with alot of blood but it has great fight scenes involving a girl with a gatling gun for an arm (THat's the machine girl Smiley Tongue )
The Hellboy films: Fantasic comic book movies. Ron Perlman portrays Hellboy perfectly.
The Kickass films: Great comic book films with awesome fight scenes.


Re: Superheroes / Super-heroines

Guys... Just in case you didn't already know Gotham is coming really soon! It's a TV show set in Gotham, of course, with a young Jim Gordon. That means that characters like Riddler, Poison Ivy, Batman, Penguin and Catwoman are kids, so it's with their origins too.

Oh it's going to be amazing! It's the first show to really focus on these heroes and villains at the start of their origins. Oh I'm so excited!