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Hey Guys!


I have been inspired by my friends today make a post about a little tradition we have going at the moment.

TBH stands for "To Be Honest" and what we do is just randomly through the day, we tell someone in our group something we admire about them or a postive message.

One of my friends even gave me a THB about my hair, and it surprisingly made me feel really good.


So, it can be about anyone in your life or someone on the forum, just something honest and nice.


For me,

THB: I really love how caring my parents are. They always look after me and I love them Smiley Happy


Give it a go!


TBH, I really liked how instead of being on the outside of the muck up (celebration) day everyone included me and one girl even supported me after i told her about a friend im agruing with. It felt really good, i like being not so introvert for the night. 

@Snowyxp Its really great that your parents are caring for you. 


@Snowyxp I quite like the idea of this thread. Thanks for posting it! I'm glad your parents are caring!


TBH I wasn't feeling that great over the past few days but I'm proud of myself for doing what I could and reaching out to call a friend, which once upon a time I would have been too hesitant to do. 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //


Cool idea for a thread @Snowyxp!

Tbh I love the community on RO everyone is super positive and supportive Smiley Happy

Tbh I am proud of myself for getting through the past few days when I have been feeling low


@May_ Hope you're feeling a bit better now!


TBH: I'm proud of myself for signing up for an online poetry course, even though I hate spending money and I felt a bit anxious about it. I'm allowed to buy things for myself and I'm glad I can remind myself of that.

// Spiral outward, keep going. //


I really like this idea, thank you @Snowyxp!


TBH I am really proud of myself for getting through my last semester at uni without any major meltdowns!Smiley Very Happy


TBH I think everyone on these forums are incredibly kind and smart - it's a great community!


TBH Im really grateful that @missep checked in on me. I really needed to know someone cared. 


TBH im really grateful for these forums. 


TBH i'm grateful people give you second chances in life! (in general)


@Alison5 I'm grateful for second chances, too. And TBH one of my tutoring students cancelled for this week, but part of me is grateful that I'll get the evening to myself...

// Spiral outward, keep going. //