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TED Talks!

I love TED Talks, however there are a bazillion of them and I never know which ones to watch! Can we share our favourites here?


This is a realllllly interesting one about sleep that also has some ideas on links between sleep and mental illness. Plus, the guy has that very British dry wit which I just love.

Re: TED Talks!

@ElleBelle Ahhh~love the Britishness of it all XD


I've got a TED talk by Sarah Kay; absolutely love the poetic passion Smiley Happy


Stay excellent

Re: TED Talks!

@Myvo  Love the one by Sarah Kay, one of my favourites!

Another one I love is this TED talk by Amanda Palmer called "The Art of Asking" Smiley Very Happy

Re: TED Talks!

Great topic! I'm sure there are so many amazing ones out there... just need more time to watch them!


I can't remember how I first found this but I think it's really interesting and I love how Ruby Wax uses humour but is still so firm on breaking down the stigma and stereotypes of mental illness. 


Re: TED Talks!

So when I decide to sift through these old threads I see one on TEDtalks, which relates to something in real life, it makes me smile. And some of them are so awesome too Smiley Happy

Re: TED Talks!

My mum just posted the "If i should have a daughter" video on my Facebook wall and I got all teary re-watching it!

Re: TED Talks!

@ElleBelle I love that TED talk, Sarah Kay is amazing Smiley Very Happy