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The Casual Vacancy

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone's read JK Rowling's new (well, sort of new) book, The Casual Vacancy? I don't generally read a lot, but I've been reading this cause I'm a massive fan of JK Rowling... and I'M ACTUALLY LOVING IT. 


If anyone else has read it, what do you think of all the issues portrayed in the book? 

Which character(s) do you most identify with or want to help, and which do you most want to slap/murder/tell them to stick their head up their ass? 

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Re: The Casual Vacancy

It was huge when the book came out. I haven't read it yet. Could you give me a very brief outline of the story? It is just weird expecting a non-HP book from JK-Row!

Re: The Casual Vacancy

I haven't finished it yet, but I'm down to the last 40-ish pages and I can't put it down!

Basically it's set in a small British town, and the story mainly revolves around a guy who dies without the first two pages, leaving a seat in the parish council, which creates all sorts of disputes within the people. The book pretty much explores all these disputes within families, between families, in schools, and between friends, covering just about every difficult and/or taboo issue I can think of including drug addiction, bullying, self-harm, domestic and sexual abuse.

That's about a good a summary as I can give without saying too much haha... and yeah, this was totally unexpected coming from JK Rowling, but I'm also super excited to see what she does next, because clearly I think she's an absolute genius Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Casual Vacancy

I started reading it recently but haven't read it in a while (been so busy). Definitely a book I want to continue reading though... I was enjoying it. Smiley Happy Glad to hear it continues being good! Smiley Happy