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Re: Things we love to do :)

Congratulations on finishing your thesis @Libellule !
That's an amazing achievement Smiley Happy
What did you do it on?
Some things that I love to do is read manga, watch Netflix or movies, I love watching things on youtube as well. I also like to game but I'm a bit funny in that I either obsess over a game and play it nonstop or I get disinterested after a couple of hours.

Re: Things we love to do :)

Love this thread @Libellule!


I love to do arts and crafts Smiley Happy It's something I should make more time for! I just got netflix so binge watching while I do other tasks at home is a must Smiley Happy


I'm going to tag a few more members here who might be interested talking about what they love to do @lokifish @ErinsAntics @ecla34 @annabethxchase @litgym @gezellig @Esperanza67 @Puppies026 @marshmallows Smiley Happy

Re: Things we love to do :)

finally !!! @Jess1-RO


i love to go for walks around my park and i guess watching some Netflix. i don’t really do anything interesting tbh Smiley Tongue

Re: Things we love to do :)

This is such a nice thread @Libellule Smiley Happy.

I love to read books, binge watch movies and TV, and learn new languages Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Things we love to do :)

I love to play music and i even have a song coming out on itunes in a month

Re: Things we love to do :)

I really love to bake and already have a list of things to bake for Christmas next month Smiley Happy

I also craft and paint (though I haven't for ages, but I have a lot of blank canvasses waiting for inspiration to strike). I have just bought a lot of polymer clay so I have been having fun crafting with that, it's really therapeutic and feels so nice to play with. 

I watch a lot of tv shows either streaming or on Netflix Smiley Happy I'm really enjoying medical drama so I've been watching The Resident, The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam. I can't just watch TV shows though I tend to craft or play games on my phone or something, unless it's really intense then I give it my full attention. 

I am a self confessed shopaholic ( @lokifish often mentions that they are jealous of my retail therapy haha!) and Friday's are my shopping day. I have almost done my Christmas shopping (I just have my dad to go!) which is good and I am hoping my savings will grow once it's complete. I also do a lot of online shopping and I am waiting for the latest Tarte eyeshadow to get released (I'm buying it as a reward to myself for finishing the semester).

Speaking of make-up I love taking my time and doing my make-up in the mornings (though at the moment it has been a swipe of mascara and a brush of powder across my face). I find it grounds me and I can spend some time just focusing on myself and not feeling guilty. I'm trying to only buy good quality make up and make up that I love, I figure it's ok to splurge on a $50 eyeshadow palette twice a year than buy five $10 cheap palettes. 

I read a lot of books and have an e-reader which I can't live without (I am eyeing off an upgrade in the near future). I have a blog and I am able to apply to read early release copies of books in exchange for honest reviews, which is great.

Finally I love spending time with my family (I have two sisters) and two cats, we are really close as a family and we try to do something together every Saturday. I know things will change once I move out of home so for now I am enjoying the time I get to spend with them Smiley Happy the cats make life interesting and I can't imagine not having them Smiley Happy

As you can probably tell I have a lot of things I love to do and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Things we love to do :)

@Libellule congratulations!!! you must feel amazing!! Smiley Happy

@Joop12 that's so exciting that you have a song coming out! what kind of music do you play?

@ErinsAntics your book blog sounds really interesting, so cool you can read some books early! (is one of the shows you watch Degrassi? just because your tagline reminds me of it Smiley Very Happy )

I'm really looking forward to the end of exams because it means i can start reading a bunch again! I love going to the library and borrowing a bunch of books on random topics that interest me and just going down a rabbit hole Smiley LOL There's a stack of books i'm trying not to touch until my last exam (but they're taunting me)

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Things we love to do :)

Oh I’m just loving the level of engagement here Heart 


@missep thank you! I did my thesis on genetic and pharmacological factors that play a role in cognitive functioning in schizophrenia. Pretty interesting stuff Smiley Happy 

I’ve always wanted to read manga! Are you reading anything at the moment? 


@Jess1-RO congrats on some new netflix! I also like to do other tasks while I watch tv. What tasks do you usually do? 


@litgym if you like it then I think it’s all very interesting! Smiley Happy 


@Esperanza67 Oh new languages are fun! I’ve been trying to learn French for a million years but every time I get at a decent point life gets busy again and I lose it all ahaha. What languages do you speak? 


@Joop12 congratulations on your song coming out on iTunes! That must be really exciting! What genre do you usually play? ☺️ 


@ErinsAntics Your life sounds incredibly full and lovely. I also love to bake for Christmas. What things are on your list? And I also agree that decent make up is worth the money, better than wasting it on cheap stuff that doesn’t work. Though my bank account is a firm believer in cheap make up hahaha! 


@ecla34 good luck on your exams! I hope the temptation of literature is not too strong haha. 

Re: Things we love to do :)

This thread is a great idea! I feel like sometimes we can be so stressed we forget to do the things we love and this thread reminds us how important that is and gives so many new options for everyone try!


I love to just go over to to my friends house and all watch movies all day, order in lots of food, play games (really hooked on mario kart atm hahaha) and just enjoy the day together relaxing and doing whatever we like! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Things we love to do :)

Other than English I speak a bit of Tagalog and Spanish (although I'm trying to revise the latter these summer holidays as my Spanish is getting a bit rusty) @Libellule. But yeah, I'm like you too, every time I get to a proficient point, life takes over and all my progress is lost haha.
Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around