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Time zones on the forum?

So I'm not sure if its just my computer, but whenever a new post comes up, it shows it as the day before? For example today is the 1st of July but posts made today appear to have been posted yesterday. (but that isn't possible unless I have time travelled into the future Smiley Tongue)

My settings have the correct timezone for Australia but I'm not sure of this is just me or if it happens for everyone?

Re: Time zones on the forum?

@not-an-otter  I was wondering about that too! That has been happening to me for a while. I was wondering what was causing it.

Re: Time zones on the forum?

It's definitely happened to me too @not-an-otter !
I wonder why it's happening!

Re: Time zones on the forum?

@not-an-otter same, though because I'm in WA I assumed it was just set to Eastern states time..

Re: Time zones on the forum?

Hi @not-an-otter,


Good pick up with the dates- we have noticed the date and times are not currently running to AEST and most posts look like they are a day behind. We are in contact with the tech team that host the forums and they are still looking into it Smiley Happy Looks like it might be a little longer we will have the timestamp bug, but I will keep you updated! Smiley Happy


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