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Top 5 software on your pc/laptop

I get a new laptop (Dell Inspiron Inspiron 15), tell me what software that you are using on your pc/laptop now .



Re: Top 5 software on your pc/laptop

Hi @calerdy welcome to ReachOut, thanks for your post. Very exciting that you got a new laptop are you liking it? Smiley Happy Just letting you know I will be sending you an email, please keep a look out. 

Re: Top 5 software on your pc/laptop

Telling me what work you are doing ? or what are you going to do with your new laptop ?

On your new computer, you just download some basic Microsoft programs, email and Skype , are you a Microsoft account ? if not , you can set one on your laptop or install a app to manage the login password,just like this app can hack your password.