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Triumphant Thursdays

Hey everyone,


To keep it short, what did you achieve today? I hope that this thread can become a place where we can share our achievements regardless of how big or small they might be


So here's mine, I ran a couple of kms today


"Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise" - Random quote from a Google search

Re: Triumphant Thursdays

Hey @hunginc I love this everyday series you are doing, it has brought many smiles to my face this week Smiley Very Happy

Good on you running ! I haven't been out exercising much lately cause it's been so hot, I am keen to walk this afternoon.


Today my achievement is that I made a life-admin related phone call - glad to have ticked that off the list Smiley Happy

Re: Triumphant Thursdays

Hey everyone! Thought I would throw a post in on how my Triumphant Thursday is going! 

Today I have achieved successfully completing an internship and ticking off a chapter in my life Smiley Happy

I also came into work a different way than I normally would which was adventurous haha! I would love to hear how your Triumphant Thursday is going 

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Re: Triumphant Thursdays

I studied for 6 hours for my neuroscience class - it was a struggle to understand the concepts at first but I kept at it and once I got the hang of it I felt very proud Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Triumphant Thursdays

That is awesome @WinterCalvino ! 6 hours is so many!


My triumph for today will be washing my hair face hair GIF

Re: Triumphant Thursdays

My triumph for today is that I got some good feedback at work. Smiley Happy

Re: Triumphant Thursdays

My triumph for today was that I sat down and finally organised myself for uni next week! Hopefully this will be the start of me being on top of uni work from next week onwards hahaha (might not happen but can still be hopeful) 

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Re: Triumphant Thursdays

My triumph for today is going to the gym before work! Smiley Happy

I really love that for you @elta25. What an inspiration!

Re: Triumphant Thursdays

I'm loving all of the responses! My triumph for today is finishing a presentation and a performance review for work!