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Re: TwittRO

My life finally has some order to it! YAY! Smiley Very Happy

Have worked out a plan re my pychiatrist- I'll se what my psych thinks and go from there. I'm glad there is another person working at the same place, so if this doesn't work out, I can try them next. Smiley Happy


Re: TwittRO

@Shadow: I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you at the moment Smiley Happy

DD: My massive assessment load for this month is finally over - yay! I'm going to spend a couple of days relaxing and having some me time (topical considering Monday's GR!) before I get stuck into my next lot of assessment and study Smiley Happy

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Re: TwittRO

@DelicateDreamer: Sounds like a plan Smiley Happy

Bee: Currently entering a zone of assessments and homework piles Smiley Tongue Though I'm swimming through just fine. Have been working on my individual drama project and I am quite enjoying it, I've got a great idea that I'm very passionate about and spent easily 2 hours on it yesterday Smiley Tongue I saw my mentor today who put me back on track again Smiley Happy Everything is feeling manageable right now Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

I tried to ask my psych whether I could I bounce my ideas off her, but she wasn't having any of that! Smiley Sad She gave me a lecture about "honesty in therapy" for an entire hour! Um, what part of "I've asked questions- only to have them ignored", doesn't she understand? 


My plan still remains the same, but it wouldve been nice to have her insight..... *sigh*


Come Tuesday, HSC'll be OVER!! Can't wait to dump my notes!! Smiley Very Happy 

Re: TwittRO

Gail: MASSIVE morning. Feeling pretty emotionally exhausted so I'm thinking I'll have a nap then spent the evening being super nice to myself. Gelato is in order.

Re: TwittRO

Cassie: is moving out of home in less than a month. While I'm relieved to be getting away from my dad, I'm also nervous about doing so Smiley Frustrated

Re: TwittRO

WOW!! Good Luck Cassie!! Smiley Happy


Hoping my last 2 exams'll be kind to me. I'll be getting straight into my other subjects afterwards, but it won't be nearly as intense!! Smiley Happy


Hope Mum's appt goes well Thurs as we're both over whatever this is! I'm proud of myself for not grumbling too much and of her for not yelling at me for anything over the last 2 weeks... Smiley Very Happy


RE: TwittRO

Hi Guys. Just thought I would say hi and let you know i am still around. hope you are all magnificently wonderful. xx Smiley Very Happy

Re: RE: TwittRO

Hello TP! Smiley Happy


Last HSC exam(for this yr) today! Come 6pm tonight, it'll be OVER!! Smiley Very Happy Relieved to realize if I screw up badly, 40% of my marks  are secure- thanks to assessments!! Smiley Happy

Re: RE: TwittRO

@Tp: Hi!! Hope you're well Smiley Happy
@Shadow: Yay, how exciting!! Good luck with it Smiley Happy

DD: Melbourne Cup day, yay!! Anyone involved in a sweep or anything like that? Smiley Happy