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Re: TwittRO

@Dreamcatcher: naw, he's so adorable!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

Trying to navitgate this forum(new) is giving me something else to concentrate on other then how crap I feel

Re: TwittRO

@dreamcatcher: Aww! He's so little! Smiley Very Happy

@Tp: Hope you're doing well.

@Onemoreday: Welcome to the forums!

Re: TwittRO

@Onemoreday: You should find some pretty inspirational and motivating stuff in here then.
I'm a big fan of the Mindfulness thread over in Wellbeing > Everyday Life:
There are some great stories in there that are all about finding that tiny bit of extra focus you need to push past the tough stuff.
And welcome! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: TwittRO

OMG dreamcatcher he is sooooooooo cute Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy kind of reminds me like of my kitten, when she was younger.


ill attatch a pic later on and show you. 


@Birdeye - thanks dear, im not exacty but im trying so if that counts....hope you are good well too Smiley Very Happy

Re: TwittRO

Cassie: Ugh, have anxiety about tonight- friend's 21st at a bar and I've invited a guy along...

Re: TwittRO

@dreamcatcher - I just want to cuddle your kitty super cute!!!

@cassie - I hope the 21st went okay for you Smiley Happy

@onemoreday - welcome Smiley Happy

@tp - that sure does count I am glad that you are trying it is better than nothing at all Smiley Happy go you!

Today I'm going to spend the day sorting out my room Smiley Happy been to lazy to lately !

Re: TwittRO

@Tp: If trying is all you can do then that's the important bit! Keep on trying. *Hugs*

I'm in the in-between stage, half good stuff, half bad stuff. Just floating between them. Someday neither of us will have to try for the good stuff, it'll just be there.


@Cassie: How did it go?


@Cheekyone: Haha, that's something I need to stop being so lazy and do too!


Birdeye: Ah, heading into some difficult couple of weeks. I guess I mean difficult more in the way that they're challenging than problematic, if I don't rise to the challenge then they become problematic. Wish me luck?

Re: TwittRO

Thanks for that, I'm sure I'll eventually work out how to navigate this on iPad Smiley Happy

Re: TwittRO

Will attempt remain calm today.....crap night, not overly impressed with myself, but I'll get up again