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Re: TwittRO

@Shadow: Greatly. I've tried to be better about it today. It's hard to be content with it unless it actually gets you somewhere though.


@Tempus: Thanks. It was very different to how I was expecting, I guess thats how it is the first time you do most things. 

I have my last day this week for an extra-curricular group. Sounds like it would be fantastic if it was half-as good as yours.

Good-luck with your speech! 


@Bee: Yeah, certainly was nervous about it. I'm still nervous about it and it was over over 24-hours ago! Thanks.

Congratulations on your result! Your mentor should bring you a muffin or something as a celebration! It's easy to forget sometimes that 100% is possible.


@mischiefmanaged: Planning a super relaxing sunday? It's always deserved after a big week.

Re: TwittRO

@Lokifish: thanks It was a nice surprise Woman LOL haha, every colour but purple? How is that possible? LOL... I'm actually not wearing any purple today... but I'm wearing this gorgeous green skirt which I love...


@MM: Ooh bridesmaid too? Sounds awesome! ; make sure you do soemthing nice for yourself Sunday night to recover from your long week Smiley Happy


@Birdeye: hmm, hopefully it doesn't seem quiet so daunting soon... ; Thank you, I was quite surprised, but it goes to show that asking those questions I did while we were learning the stuff paid off Smiley Happy ANd I guess 100% isn't always impossible, but it all depends on the subject and the person... One person's best may not be anothers...
Haha, her reaction was priceless! I couldn't have asked for anything else from her Smiley Happy


Bee: Went for a drive today, and feeling proud of my efforts. There is bits I look back at and think crap I should have been in 2nd for for that corner, I should have stopped, arrh he's come out of no where and is going faster than I would have thought... quick acceleratee... Overall though I'm getting better Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

Elle: It's my birthday today. I normally get pretty down on my birthday, especially this year since I'm suddenly single But today wasn't too bad.

Re: TwittRO

@Bee I know! I got really down after I realized there was no purple on it hahaha Smiley Sad I have a lot of similar after-thoughts after I drive as well (though I'm learning auto because nobody I know has a manual), it's good to hear you're getting better though Smiley Happy (I guess I am as well, I just don't give myself enough credit for it!)


@ElleBelle Happy birthday! Glad to hear it wasn't too bad - did you do anything special for it?


Lokifish: Since I've gone wheat-free I've been missing all the little things I used to be able to eat. So today I spent a little time in the kitchen and managed to concoct these - they're coconut pancakes made from cornflour. So yummy Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: TwittRO

@Liokifish: Aww, purple is an awesome colour Smiley Happy
Yeah those after-thoughts can be quite annoying sometimes hey? I would like to try driving an auto for once, just to see whether I auto or manual better... yeah mum keeps trying me out with new things each time, so it's funny to watch her reactions to certain things.. Like instead of waiting for several cars to pass before deciding I had enough time to get across the road, I'm taking once glance, yep I have enough time and I floor it Smiley Tongue haha she did freak out when the ute appraoched us rather quickly, it was going faster than I anticipated!oops. I find it can be hard to realise that I'm getting better, especially if I've felt like I haven't done one thing as good as I have in the last drive compared to others, but I find, leaving it a day, looking back and then comparing to other drives gives a more positive outlook. By then I've had a chance to assess whether the negatives I saw were reall worth worrying about Smiley Happy

Happy Birthday ElleBelle! Glad to hear your birthday turned out ok Smiley Happy

Bee: After my mascerade of cleaning my room I've just discovered one cheeky spider that managed to escape the powers of the vacum-cleaner, and he has created yet another web.... naughty daddy-long leg spider -.- Oh well, I suppose I've got to have some sot of pet, lol Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

Happy birthday Elle! Glad you've had a pretty good day. Smiley Happy

MM: My working week is over! Day off tomorrow - not that it's really a day off, I have heaps to do!!! Always, the way hey??

Re: TwittRO

Happy birthday Elle!!

Dealing with mixed emotions and dealing with a friend who doesn't know they are upsetting me. Also made a new friend this weekend. Seems most of my life revolves around my friendships, the most precious elements of my life to me

Re: TwittRO

@Bee: I'm pretty sure I'm fine about it now. I just wish I knew how I did! haha.
Yeah, it should make it easier to continue asking questions then?
I think most people have the potential to get 100% in any subject, as life goes on we change what we're going to achieve.
Maybe you should write down your mistakes, then you can look back and realise how you're improving. You sound like you've improved a ton just in the last couple of months.
I'm not going to comment on your last post as I had an encountered with one of those moster's a couple of nights ago and am still unhappy about it. They are just… argh!


@Lokifish: You should be able to adapt a lot of your old foods in to stuff you can eat now, have you tried googling up some recipes?

@mischiefmanaged: Good-luck finding some time off tomorrow!

@Tempus: That sounds like a pretty good thing. Smiley Happy

Re: TwittRO

@BIrdeye: ok, yeah waiting to find out how you did can be nerve wracking...
Somewhat, it helps when the teacher has your best interests at heart, unlike my math yr11 teacher my hsc teacher actually cares how the kids do... (And I always disliked him, until now..)
Yeah, I don't think everyone can get a 100% in anything, (Not meaning to be mean or rude) but it comes to what a person is good at and how much effort they put in...
That's an idea, to see how much I improve, good idea Smiley Happy I have improved a ton, 2 months ago I was terrified to revers out of a parking space or pull into the driveway! Now I can reverse out of the driveway and out of a parking space if it's not too busy - like it's there isn't heaps of cars around...
haha they are just argh hey... ohwell, I'll get him... Smiley Tongue

Bee: Annoyed that I didn't plan my time properly and missed tonight's GR sesh, I had written out my answer - it took me 30+ mins and then I was logged out and my net crashed so I wasn't able to post them... ohwell... Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

I just thought I would pop in and say 'Hi Smiley Happy' to you all as I realise it has been a fair while since I've been on. I've lurked around here and there, just haven't really commented. I hope you are all doing well Smiley Happy