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Re: TwittRO

@Shadow: I know I did! Like delicatedreamer I had certainly noticed you had been gone for a while. I was starting to wonder what had happened. I'm going really well, how are you? I hope 2013 is treating you just as well.

@Gail: Welcome back! Wow, that's a lot of stuff happening in a short time! Summer is treating me okay, if I just ignore how it likes to make my cheeks red… Glad to hear that your trip was so good!

@delicatedreamer: I don't think I've ever resisted that urge haha. Hope your weekend's nice!

Birdeye: School is a great reminder for why weekends are so great. My feet know it as well as my school shoes are a bit big and are being terrible to my heels.

Re: TwittRO

@MockingJay: Welcome back! RO sure does still love you Smiley Happy


@Lokifish: Hope you've managed to get through all that homework! It can take a long time to figure out what works for you! I'm still searching Smiley Tongue


@DreamCatcher: ooh, hope all went well with the move! Smiley Happy


@Shadow: How was your trip? Hope you had fun Smiley Happy


@Gail: Welcome Back!! Sounds like fun! After going to Sydney this last week, I think I want to do some travelling... Melbourne? Wow! I'm sure you'll love it! & Congrats on finishing your degree! Smiley Happy That is exciting!


@Birdeye: OMG, The trip was amazing! It was everything and nothing like what I thought it would be! I got soo much out of it, I'm so glad I went! I walked under the hardbour bridge and past the opera house about 4 times! I even got photos of them both during day and night! & and a blurry one of Luna Park from across the harbour!  We had a tour of Sydney Theatre company too, it was so amazing. The props & costume sections were incredible. We watched people make sets too! It was incredible! And at the end of the tour the whole group got a few metres away form kate Blanchet too!! Smiley Very Happy She's like the stage director at Sydney Theatre company. We ended up walking across part of the set of Dance Acadamy too! We had pancakes for tea Tuesday night and practically ran from one place to the next that day. I heard some incredible buskers at Pitt Street Mall too, they were so brillient! I was so tired I slept like a baby that night, but that was good, as I barely slept the night before! We also went and saw 'The Secret River'! Which was absolutely amazing! I'd go and watch it again given the chance, I loved. There was bits I didn't quite understand, but after my teacher explained them I think watching it again will only enhance it! Smiley Very Happy There is probably other bits I'm currently overlooking right now, but this is the main highlights of the trip! Overall I had so much fun, the 6 hour drive there was soo worth it!


Bee: After this reflection of my Sydney trip, I'm now feeling so much better than I was earlier! I'm back to seeing things as possible & right now I'm ready for bed, in a positive mood! Smiley Happy (which yes is reflected by my array of colours in this reply Smiley Tongue)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

@Bee: did you go to Pancakes on the Rocks for your dinner pancakes? I love it there! I always have so much trouble choosing what to get though. Also, where would you like to travel? I'm thinking my next big trip (hopefully next summer, depending on $) will be either South America or Egypt & Morocco... I keep googling places I want to go when I should really focus more on earning the money to get there. I'm hoping I'll get enough of a mid-year uni break for a cheaper/closer to home trip too - possibly Solomon Islands Smiley Happy


Gail: Just got home after a big weekend - appointments yesterday morning, then my best friend came & stayed last night, & I spend today at Sydney's Fair Day... when I got home my sister had left some goodies from Zumbo on my bedside table Smiley Happy

Re: TwittRO

@Bee: Wow! I'm really glad that it all turned out to be that great! And Cate Blanchett! Was she speaking to you guys?
I loved coming here and seeing your post being so colourful and happy!

Re: TwittRO

Birdeye; Life is enjoying putting obstacles in my way! First my psychiatrist tells me he's retiring after seeing him for 6 months, and I still have no treatment plan! Smiley Sad I present well too, which doesn't help! Takes them ages to get anything out of me!  

I never realized how much RO had helped me maintain my ability to communicate- till I became mute!  

Re: TwittRO

@Cheekyone: I'm moving on-campus at uni. I thought the day I would move out would never come. I'm so ready to get out of here!! and I agree 110%, my packing efforts so far (even though I leave in 3 days) has just been chucking all my shoes in a box. That's it. A+ effort, really.


@birdeye: Yeah! Totally excited!! Thanks Smiley Happy


@gail: Sounds like you had an amazing time!  I'm so jealous of all these adventures you go on!!


Re: TwittRO

@Shadow: Is he able to refer you on to someone and pass over his notes? then maybe you could get to a treatment plan sooner?
I'm sad to hear/read that things aren't as amazing as they should be for you, but more than a part of me is happy to see you back, hopefully it'll help you in the same ways again.

Re: TwittRO

@Gail: Yepp! We were upposed to go to China Town, but we wouldn't have had time to then get to the theatre to watch The Secret River, so we chaned to Pancakes on the Rocks! It was amazing! I know, it took me so long to choose, I wanted this but that and omg the selection!!! I had the Bananarama pancakes, they were really good, I loved them!

I'm not sure where I want to travel, though I want to go to the barrier reef and back to Sydney to walk the harbour bridge! Smiley Happy

Sounds awesome, I think I'd probably explore Aus before going over seas Smiley Happy & Yeah, saving is a big part.. for me I need to get a job before I can really look at travelling, but for now I'm going to finish my HSC Smiley Happy


@Birdeye: Colour!! Makes me happy! Glad it made you happy too! (I had written this post and was about to post it, but something went wrong and lost my post and me awesome colour scheme - too lazy to redo the colour scheme right now Smiley Tongue & it didn't save either...)

Unfortunately Cate Blanchet didn't come and say hello, our tour guide said it looked like she was in an important meeting... Smiley Happy


@Shadow: Aww, hope things turn around for you <3 *hugs*


@Dreamcatcher: Deffinately A+ effort Smiley Wink It was like me last weekend packing for Sydney last week.... I had all my clothes on my bed all day and only put them into a bag because I thought I might need someplace to sleep Smiley Tongue My families idea of packing for a trip - throw clothes in a bag the night before you leave haha Smiley Tongue


Bee: Got my yr12 jumper today, which means when the cooler weather braces us, I can know dress like a bumble-bee again!! Smiley Very Happy *score* now where did those yellow socks go? (Our jumper is black and yellow, at first we weren't happy with the colours, and it looks a bit 'err', but it's starting to grow on me Smiley Tongue it actually doesn't look that bad Smiley Happy A few teachers even ordered them too! & one placed an order today! So they mustn't be that bad haha)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

Why hello there! Long time no see Smiley Happy

Massive appologies for my sudden and unexplained absence from the RO world :/ I went overseas, then came back, changed a whole lot of things up and then life got chaotic - in a fantastic way!

Anyway, just popping in to say hello, and I hope everyone had at least one lovely moment today Smiley Happy

Catch you around!

Re: TwittRO

@DC - Oh wow that is exciting moving onto campus Smiley Happy I wish you all the best with it! You'll have to update on us how you go Smiley Happy!