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Re: TwittRO

Cassie: Lol at my dog, mum put his bed in the washing machine & now he's wandering around looking rather lost as to where he can sleep!

Re: TwittRO

Silence on the home front....Been a bit quiet around here lately. Hope everyone is doing okay and is just really busy instead


tp - noticing that I have a really bad habit of procrasti-eating. Not good. Currently feel ill due to the vast amount of carbs and sugar I have consumed this morning alone (and caffeine, lol). Opps. I think I should probably buy rice crackers, or nut and legume mix as opposed to eating gummy bears....hmmmm 


also noticed that I have been spiraling a bit lately, so I am making an effort to fix that before it gets away from me. Going to see one of the counselors at uni tomorrow to see if she can help me work out what to do about my overwhelming workload, and the fact I have done virtually nothing.


As for today I have an entire essay to write. Its not that long, but I haven't actually ever written an academic essay, so I am finding it very hard and my motivation to get it done is beginning to wane.....


Sorry long post, again I am procrastinating, will stop now.


Hope everyone is having a great day Smiley Happy

Re: TwittRO

okay so i am still procrastinating and a great website to do this on (besides this one Smiley Tongue ) is


so i was looking through and then found this....


so if anyone else is looking for something to completely make your head spin in confusion check it out, but if you are trying to work and actually get something achieved dont click





Re: TwittRO

@tp: Pretty great of you to notice you're spiralling before it gets out of control. Even greater that you're already looking to stop it getting worse.

Did you figure it out? It's an incorrect equation as the $1 should never have been added since it had no relevance to what they were actually trying to work out, instead the $2 already payed back should have been taken into account.


Birdeye: Bad day today, feeling extremely dissappointed in myself for not pushing myself.

Re: TwittRO

Can't believe I have exactly 1 week left of Yr 12 this year(I've got 2 subjects next year too, but they should be so much more relaxing!) Ugh! Want my Society and English exams to be OVER!!  Smiley Sad   

Re: TwittRO

Hey TP: Ahh procastination! Mine got so bad just half an hour ago I ended up scratching my leg (unintentionally) and needing another bandaid (baindaided both ankles nowSmiley Tongue) and I put soap in the bathroom, I even put the toilet paper that was just randomly sitting ont eh table in the toilet room where it belongs... and then I started up my laptop - BIG mistake... and all I've manage in the last half hour is one sentence and the start of a small mind-map Smiley Tongue haha... If procastination were a subject I'd get A+ for sure Smiley Wink
But in answer to your question - which is why I decided to write a reply but got distracted.... I do think alot of people are fairly busy at the moment... I know for sure I haven't been on as much as I normally am and usually I'm 5 mins on and then come back a couple hours latter the same thing.... esp with my yearlys and failed attempts at decent study I've bee flat chat... I'm getting there though... Going to see my mentor tomorrow and as I'm at school going to drop by the counsellor's office as our old counsellor is in Smiley Happy (and because after talking last friday she wants to see me this week...)
Essays! Ugh! I don't really know what kindof essay you're talking about but I have made progress on my essay writting - for the first time I completed an essay all by myself with no help... my essay in my exam esisted this time!! HUZZAH (I was IS AM so proud of myself - I DID IT!!!!!!!)

@Birdeye: Hope all is well darl! Just know that you're doing your best nd that is all that anyone can ask for!!! Take care x *hug*

@Shadow: OMG scarry! I'm finishing my exams too! 2 more preliminary exams left and I'm done! (then for the battle or year 12...) Good luck with your last 2 exams, just try to remain calm and you'll do fine (Irronically it works! - well for me it does)

Bee: Feeling okay about my yearly exams this time, I freaked out with my half yearlys (freaking out a touch with PDH) but this time aruond I've copped with them ok! I haven't cried in one exam yet! And my essay for my English axam existed this time! It was there and it was completed!!! I was so pleased I jumped for joy as soon as I got out of the hall (aka examination room). And now I've just got 2 more - PDH and Science, feeling ok about them at this stage - I will do my best and then see where it leaves me...
OKay I think I have done a big enough post now... Might go back to summarising my PDH topic and trying to fit some of this knowledge into my brain! haha if only! Ohwell. lets just put some music on and sing and dance while sitting on my numb but while 'studying' hahah Smiley Very Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

Gail: finally home after two days of placement/crashing on a friend's couch because she lives closer to my placement than me. So excited to sleep in my own bed! Tomorrow I'll post the next installment of the community challenge - you guys should come check it out Smiley Happy




Re: TwittRO

@Bee - lol, i think i would get an A+ too Smiley Tongue good luck with the rest of your yearly's (they're exams right?) and with seeing your mentor and counselor tomorrow (wow big day). Well done with the essay, I'm proud of you too because your proud, hence i know there is something to be proud of Smiley Very Happy


@Brideye - i did work it out, though it took much longer than it probably should have, lol. Don't feel bad darl, bad days happen, don't try and push yourself too much. Just try again tomorrow. *hug*


@Shadow - two weeks!! Wow, how exciting Smiley Very Happy


@Gail - placement, that sounds exciting. Did it go well?


tp - pushed myself really hard to do this essay today, because i know there is nothing i can do if i don't hand it tomorrow, no chance to fix it. But my grandparents are staying at my place (first time i have seen them in six months because they have been in QLD) and my brother had his school concert, so i haven't got it done. Perhaps i should have worked harder in the morning. Well, no, i know i couldn't try any harder today than what i did (even with the procrastination), but it isn't done. And there is nothing more that i can do. I am wreck and really have to stop trying now, anyway who can write and research when they have tears following thick and fast. So no essay. Not good...Very upset..But going to bed now before i make it worse by thinking about it 

Re: TwittRO

@tp - could you get an extension on your essay? You say you couldn't have tried any harder than what you did - so if you've done your best, I think that's a pretty awesome achievement. Hope you got some rest and can look at it with fresh eyes today.


My placement is at a drug & alcohol rehab for 14-18 year olds, it's pretty amazing. Loving it Smiley Happy Today I have the day off so I'm catching up on listening to lectures... Fun times.

Re: TwittRO

Cassie: This morning's lecture was on depression...pretty sure it's a topic I already know quite a bit about...!