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Re: TwittRO

@TP: Yes my yearly's are my final exams for year 11! Then I start yr12 second week into October! Thanks, I was - still am pleased with it. My mentor congradulated me too! Well I saw my mentor but I didn't get to see the counsellor... Mum would only let me go to school for an hour -.- But it was a good chat to my mentor (I remember why I wanted to choose her now...), I walked out feeling a lot more sure of what I was doing and ready to tackle these last 2 exams! Smiley Happy

Bee: Feeling a bit worse for wear right now, and could honestly just go to bed until my exam but I must study, so here is an interesting story from TAFE today......
Throw 4 teenage girls into a room with their work and see what happens... Today we ended up singing along to 'Loney', we were way out of tune and sounded more like whinning cats than singers... We may have just destroyed that song... but it was hilarious... and then we got caught up singing 'unwritten' by natasha bedingfield (as always).... "I'm sto lonll---y, I'm mr lonn-lllllleeeeyyyly. I have noooo boooodd-y-eeeeeeeeeeeiiieeee of my owwwwwwwwwwnnnn," <Just to give you a picture of what we sounded like Smiley Tongue haha

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

@gail - i wish i could but i left it too late, plus i didnt see the lecturer in charge at the beginning of the semester with my EIP (education inclusion plan). Plus i really just dont want to do anymore paper work. after last semester i just cant stand it. Smiley Sad


Thats sounds like a really cool placement. Smiley Very Happy ewwww, online lectures, not fun......what are you studying? something health related i gather


@Cas - you alright? i know if it was me, i wouldnt cope very well with that, but then again that is probably just me. We have a pharmacology lecture coming up in a few weeks on antidepressants, so i can relate. I think i pretty much got it down pack (especially becuse when i was on an SSRI i did a lot of research) Smiley Happy


@Bee - lonely by Christina Perry?? because if that is a yes, i was actually listening to that song when i read your post, lol. Good luck with your study tonight. Pity you didnt get to see the cousellor, but i am glad you got to see your mentor Smiley Very Happy LOL. Love the singingSmiley Tongue


tp - went and saw the counsellor at uni today, didnt get much achieved, but thats okay. Went shopping after, and was begining to feel a bit better and like perhaps i could get this essay done tonight. I have since gotten home and i am feeling ten times worse, started crying when i saw you some replies to me. not sure why. strange reaction really. Would love to sleep right now, but i feel obliged to sit here a litle longer an try get some stuff done, but i aready know that aint going to happen. bleh....waste of a post, sorry guys

Re: TwittRO

@Shadow: Hope this last week goes well!


@Bee: Thanks, I know I'm doing better than I have other times I just don't feel as though I'm doing anywhere close to my best, nor 'enough'. I'm glad you're feeling a lot steadier about these exams than your last ones, and I love that your class does improv singing so well. A few years ago my class had a great impromptu singing session instead of doing any work, teacher gave up on us a bit by the end though...


@Tp: Thanks, it's more like a bad few weeks, I am trying to keep trying. I remember you mentioning your grandparents ovine, wow it's been 6 months already?! Is/was the essay really important? Don't beat yourself up; you weren't blowing it off for stupid reasons, the family experiences sound important and you really tried to get it done. Not a waste of a post at all, I hope whichever you chose can leave feeling a bit better again tonight, if not - tomorrow is a new day, new chance to feel better.


@Gail: That placement sounds interesting! Smiley Happy


Birdeye: Went shopping for an outfit for a family event, came home with three.

Re: TwittRO

@Birdeye: That sounds like my kind of shopping trip! Smiley Very Happy

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately guys, have had a lot on at uni in the past few weeks. Tomorrow's my last day before break though, so I will have the next two weeks freeeeee... Yay! Smiley Very Happy

I hope you're all having a good week Smiley Happy

Re: TwittRO

18 tomorrow- WOO HOO!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: TwittRO

Just in case I'm not on tomorrow (will be out most of the day):

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHADOW!! Hope you have an amazing day Smiley Happy Smiley Very Happy

Re: TwittRO

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHADOW!!!!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


I hope you have ana amzing day, filled with many hugs and smiles and laughter. Smiley Very Happy


love tp xoxox

Re: TwittRO

Thanks guys! Smiley Very Happy


Mum and a friend are taking me out for dinner, then a cocktail bar. Since I can't drive due to medical problems, I've just got my ID card. The photo is HORRIBLE, but at least you can tell it's me! Smiley Tongue We're also planning an accessory to go with my Yr 12 formal dress. My Yr will be stunned(most have made the last 3 yrs hell, so thisis payback! Smiley Wink)   

Re: TwittRO

Happy Birthday Shadow... Smiley Happy


I think all photo ID look horrible my driver licence, ID card and student card look horrible! Wish they would let you take your own photo in lol! Smiley Happy

Re: TwittRO

Yay it's Friday: happy weekend everyone! Smiley Happy

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