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Re: TwittRO

@TP; uh no it was by akon (just did a google and youtube search - but am now listening to christina perri's lonely...) Thanks I didn't get much done, was too wrapped up in tears, they wouldn't stop so I gave up and went to bed! Yeah, ohwell... I'll catch her next week Smiley Happy haha yes! because at TAFE our class is spit into 2 groups and we were on theory and just decided to not do any work again (and we wonder why we have a whole module to finish and a huge assessment due in 2 weeks which we haven't started Smiley Tongue we used to be such good kids, I wonder what changed?? LOL). Thanks we were such amazing singers - we should record it and try and release it Smiley Very Happy haha

@Birdeye: Don't be so hard on yourself darl (I know easier said than done, and I feel like a bit of hypocrite saying that but ohwell Smiley Tongue)
I know what it feels like to feel stuck, I like to think about it as going around in a circle, it's not help but I'm still going somewhere... right? Life isn't meant to be easy, and we are always going to have shit days. And I guess that sometimes we just need to take a step back and realize that if things aren't going our way and we are getting really wound up we need to put our self first. Because there is nothing worse than tiring our self out on something when we may only need an hour break to regain confidence and energy and feel a bit better.
Thanks I've gone okay so far, not my best marks but I know that I did the best I could at the current moment in time. Sometimes you've just got to say well okay I did crap this day, it was a bad day I was struggling I'll do better next time.
Haha yes if you read above you'll see it was only half my class (as we have alternate prac theory, and these girls I'm fairly close to and we just bounce off each other - esp at TAFE Smiley Happy ) haha yeah well we had no teacher supervising us at the time.. well we are only ever half supervised, or maybe just checked on once or twice a lesson (one class is from is 9 to 12.30 with a half hour break at 10.30) XD .. I wouldn't blame your teacher for giving up though... my year 9 English teacher gave up on my class once lesson when we wouldn't stop pressing play on the cd she put in the cd player to do a study of this song... it was hilarious...
3 outfits? Nice job! It's better than having none.. right? Now you've just got to decide on the exact one to wear Smiley Happy

@DD: yay for holidays!! Smiley Happy I don't start to next Friday! I have 1 exam, 2 days of school and the year 12 grad to attend then a 2 week break Smiley Happy

@Shadow: Happy Birthday !!! Hope you have a great day Smiley Happy x

@Cheekyone; Yes I agree! Although I prefer my drivers licence to my TAFE card though... and my school photo!

@Soph; Did you say FRIDAYYY!?! Smiley Happy yay a 3 day weekend for me! (exams don't finish until Tuesday and my last exam is then) Happy Weekend! Smiley Very Happy

Bee: Bit of a long post here; sorry guys Smiley Tongue - Just a lot to say this afternoon!
Had a busy day! Pretty much flunked my PDH exam, but I'm okay with it because the questions I did do I did ok and filled all the lines so it's one step, and as my mentor said yesterday just one step at a time Smiley Happy 7 questions not done, a couple I had notes and had planned so my teacher can see I did try but just ran out of time, hoping he realizes it was a time issue this time and not a not knowing issue! (Although a couple I was like what? And a couple of them I knew the answer but didn't know how to get it onto paper in sentence format.. pity PDH isn't like science where I can just dot point all my short and extended response answers Smiley Tongue Anyway, After a busy day I'm happy to be home and relaxing! Taking tonight off study and will throw in some science revision tomorrow afternoon Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

Bought tickets to the show today. Woo! Smiley Very Happy (I've never been before)

Busy weekend coming up... gotta go shopping tomorrow before my cousin's baby shower then Sunday it's my Nana's 80th.


oh, and Happy Birthday for today Shadow! Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: TwittRO

@Shadow wrote:

18 tomorrow- WOO HOO!! Smiley Very Happy

Happy Birthday Shadow! Smiley Happy 


LUTW: So much to do and only just enough time. Yet I still end up on RO. Smiley Tongue 

Re: TwittRO


I hope all went just how you wanted!


@Bee: Thank-you, again haha. Smiley Happy I like what you said about the circle and going somewhere. I guess some bad days (or weeks) are necessary, and they make you want to head upwards instead of staying stuck, or at least move somewhere. 

Thinking in ways of circles, if your circle gets a bit misshapen and ends up being bigger on the bad part at some stage it has to straighten out in to either a normal circle or one that makes up for the bad stage by lengthening in the good stage. 

I don't know if that actually makes sense at all. 

From the sounds of it you're handling your exams amazingly well! You should take note of whats enabling you to respond like this so you can remind and help yourself next year.


Re: TwittRO

Happy birthday Shadow! Hope it was a wonderful day!

MM: Been working way too much lately and my body is starting to say: STOP!

Re: TwittRO

We didn't end up getting the cocktail- I was starving and by the time we finished, I was tired- thanks to the alchohol, I got the first decent sleep I've had in months! Smiley Happy We're going this afternoon though... Smiley Happy


My friend may have convinced Mum an Ipad might be easier for me to use than a laptop, and I've started planning my Art major work(thanks to the lack of planning on the part of the support staff, I now have minimal time to study for HSC as I have to go to class on my study days! Smiley Sad ) Thankfully I find these 2 subject fairly easy and I'll see if I can switch teachers for 1 subject as she made my life difficult last year by making me look stupid and treating me like I was 3! It got really old after a while!  

Re: TwittRO

@Birdeye: Thats exactly right, like the old saying that I've come to like "you can't have a rainbow without a little rain" (and the quotes with the same meaning..)
Yes your circles make sense, it's exactly right, sometimes we may feel down for a while but soon it may be contradicted by a longer good time Smiley Happy
I actually don't know what is enabling me to cope so well right now! I will try to figure it out though Smiley Happy

@Shadow: Hope everything turns out well with changing teachers, and if not is there possibly someone - eg another teacher or your mum that could talk to this teacher and explain o them whats going on and how you didn't like it?

Bee: Feeling as though things are going well, but I look to my mum and I see right through her brave face. She's isn't copping and right now I have a few different emotions running through me it's a wonder I'm actually managing to not isolate myself!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

okay catch up replies.....


@birdeye - *hugs* hun. I can relate to it being a few bad weeks. All you can do is keep trying your best dear. No one can expect anymore of you, and you cant expect anymore either. Hehe that’s my type of shopping Smiley Tongue Nice circle analogy 


@DD - YAYY!!! for uni breaks. Lucky you getting two weeks. Im a little jealous ill be honest, lol Smiley Very Happy


@Shadow - i think there is some kind of universal law thats says ID card photos must be horrible. Mine looks nothing like me at all! I was once refused entry to a club because my learners permit photo is that bad they didnt think it was me. What can i say i am not very photogenic, lol Smiley Tongue oooh ipad, that sounds exciting Smiley Happy


@Soph - hope you had a lovely weekend Smiley Happy


@Bee - ooh Akon, lol didnt even think of that one. The Chirstina Perri one is very sad, but kind of in a pretty way Smiley Happy Thats a really positive ay to look at your PDH exam drl, proud of you. Hope you are feeling better at the start if this new week. Remember darl take care, and just try your best, no one can expect anymore


@Lokifsih - the Melbourne show??!! (i am sure you said you are from melbs) If so completely jealous! wish i coul afford it, i havent been since i was a kid (like a little, little kid)


@LUTW - can relate Smiley Happy


@MM - be careful. make sure you listen to your body


@EVERYONE – I hope you all had an amazing weekend, and that your Monday is a great start to this week *hugs* to everyone Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: TwittRO

@TP: Yeah, we butchered Akon's Lonley Smiley Tongue And even after listening to Christina's Lonley I don't remember it... I'll have to re-search and listen.... (terrible memory right now)
Thanks, I guess after talking to my mentor the day before I was able to kind of use that as motivation to get through the exam and do my best. But I realized from my half yearly that if I think of how bad I went it's only going to make me feel worse and I'm going to want to hide from the whole issue and create more issues and it doesn't help any. So I'm going to approach it as I should have done the first time, yeah ok I got this but I did my best and then get my teacher to help me (and my mentor).
I'm going ok, I feel so contradicted.... A fair bit has happened, well mainly one thing has brought a few problems, highlighted a few issues, ignited emotions and thrown us all around. It's been such a whirlwind around home recently.
If I can just get some study done today and get through this last exam ok then I'll deal with this other issue during the week by talking to my mentor or the school counsellor ....

Bee: Going to try and do some study...

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

@Bee - good luck with your study today darl. You can only do your bet remeber that. Smiley Very Happy


EDITS - tp - really looking foward to the GR sesh tonight Smiley Happy so hoping i can get through my study early so i can be there. Smiley Happy