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Re: TwittRO

Atma: Couldn't god damn sleep last night... again! I'm getting so annoyed about it so this morning I rang the doc and managed to get an appt at 10am... only and hour of matchsticks keeping eyes open left!


Re: TwittRO

@Atma - that sucks!! hope you and your doctor can get to the bottom if it


@Shadow - hope you are feeling better this morning


tp - got some study done this morning, and i am fairly proud of that, but i went and had lunch and now i cant settle down again. thinking i might go do some shopping and then come back home later try again, as opposed to just sitting here doing not much at all because that will only make me feel worse....


Re: TwittRO

Happy hump day everybody Smiley Happy 

Hope everyone is doing well, sorry I've been a little absent. 


Re: TwittRO

1 more day with my spoilt Yr group!!! WOO HOO!! Smiley Very Happy


Re: TwittRO

@Lokifish: Yeah, I've lived here my whole life and people are still amazed! But I'm just like nah I didn't go and most of the time questions are stopped Smiley Happy


@Birdeye: I think it's pretty much figured out...
Some people just need to use their brains, I guess it all boils down to some people not using their common sense....
I guess so, thanks Smiley Happy
Hope things work out for you


@TP: It can be a bit annoying sometimes hey?
Ohh new sketchbook and pencils sounds nice Smiley Happy I miss being able to draw everyday when I wanted... No wait I still can! Just need to find some motivation and inspiration Smiley Happy

Glad you got some study done eventually Smiley Happy


Bee: Exams over, yr11 completed! Feeling so tired and worn out though, kind of wanting to freeze time or al least slow it down! Oh well, it's all apart of the journey Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: TwittRO

School holidays! Yippee! Smiley Very Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: TwittRO

@tp: Yeah I know we are very lucky Smiley Happy! They are cutting us back to one week intra-semester breaks next year though to bring us into line with all of the other Queensland unis which sucks Smiley Sad. I say they should all fall in line with us Smiley Very Happy!! Good for you for getting some study done Smiley Happy

@Atma: Hope you're appt with the Dr. went well.

@lokifish: Yay for school holidays!! Smiley Happy

@BG: Good to see you, hope you are well Smiley Happy x

@Shadow: Are you finishing school for the year?

@Bee: It all goes so fast doesn't it! Are you finished school for the year now? Lucky you if so Smiley Very Happy! You're right it is all part of the journey - that's a really nice way of looking at it Smiley Happy


DD: Lemongrass and ginger tea + Missy Higgins' new album = Win Smiley Happy


Re: TwittRO

@tp: Aw, thanks Smiley Happy

How old is your brother? I used to frequently go to each of them and certainly remember which ones I enjoyed at certain ages. Then again his taste may be entirely different, if he's young enough to be annoying if he's unhappy certainly go to where he's most likely to be happy.

If crowds are bad for you the show mightn't be the best, and take how much you will actually be allowed to spend compared to how your brother will react to the amount in to account; I'm not sure which museum you mean but I never found much to be entertained by as a child at any of them, if he's very well behaved or really into something they've got on it may be good; if you both like animals then zoo can be nice, there's not much I can say about them because of how much each trip varies. 

None of that probably helps since you've been to them before, and certainly know your brother better than I do. So you can ignore all that; I think I just want to type you know? Smiley Tongue


It's very natural for you to feel bad about extensions, almost all considerations I've ever gotten have made me annoyed in myself. 

I don't know if you have time but something that helped(/helps) me through the feeling is having at least one area/thing in my life where I don't allow any considerations, excuses or anything.


Sketchbook and pencils sounds nice!


@Shadow: Congratulations on not having to deal with the people in your yr. level anymore! 


@Atma: Hope the doctor helped the other day and you've gotten some nice sleep in.


@bg: Hope you're doing well.


@Bee: And on comes yr. 12! Ah! Nah, lets just focus on the greatness of exams being over!


@lokifish: Smiley Very Happy Enjoy them!


@delicatedreamer: Sounds like a nice time for you! I really enjoy some of Missy Higgins songs.


Birdeye: Luckily (and somewhat funnily) stuff is now sorted completely; I didn't even need to be told in the first place really because my involvement in the conclusion was unneeded. Just one phone call by my mum, as it primarily concerned her, and done!

So I got up early in preparation for a long phone conversation only for it to turn out entirely unnecessary. After my shower and everything I then found out my main reason for getting up was being postponed a week. So I was tired with no withstanding reason for having cut my sleep short! Haha. Smiley Tongue


Re: TwittRO

@Bg_xx - dont apologise darl. Hope you are okay Smiley Very Happy


@Bee - it would be nice to be able to slow time down wouldnt it? Just so you can have enough to take a deep breath....Im glad to hear your exams are over. Smiley Happy does that mean you have holidays now? or do you have a couple weeks of year 12 first?


@Lokifish - yayy!! Smiley Happy


@DD - i think all uni's across the counrty should fall in line with you guys Smiley Happy or at leaast the uni i am at because we are a national uni, and have a  campus in brisbane. Smiley Happy Though i really shouldnt complain i only have a ten week semester this time around, becasue everyone else is doing placement, so yayy online lecture catch up time Smiley Happy Missy higgins has a new album??? i dint know this??!!!! I LOVE missy higgins Smiley Happy


@Birdeye - you're welcome Smiley Happy My brother is *pauses to think* Smiley Tongue elelven. He is eleven. I think i have decided against the show because if he freaks out and doesnt want to go on the rides then i cant because i cant leave him alone. plus your right about the crowds, probably not a good idea, also i have food allergies so i freak out when i cant get soemthing to eat (this includes fairy floss, which my bro would undoubtedly want). So between the museum and the zoo. I personally love both. But the zoo is no good when it is raining, because you get wet and cant take photos properly (umbrella) and all the animals hide from the weather; however if it is nice weather (like yesterday) it would be awesome to go Smiley Happy the museum is also good. I really want to see the mesapotamian (spelling?? opps) display and it isnt in melbs for much longer (im a bit of a history buff (but not a speller), i love anicient history). So i think i may just head into the city on the day we go out and then decide based on the weather. Smiley Very Happy Thanks for replyung btw, it was helpful Smiley Happy And i get the typing thing, exactly what i am doing now. 


Im glad stuff has been sorted for you, i mean it sucks about being tired (can relate all too well) but it is defiantly good that it is all sorted Smiley Happy


tp - so so so so so so so so so so so so (you get the point) tired right now......havent been sleeping that well. Its taking me ages to get to sleep and then i dont stay there and its not very restful. Its not unusual for me, but recently it has been better but this last week has been bad, and it feels worse because it was temporarily better. if you know what i mean.


Off to work soon (*sigh*).


On the upside went shopping in brunswick yesterday and bought some really nice summer colthes with nice long flowly sleeves, so it doesnt look terribly suspicious. so that made me feel good yesterday.


Pity the weather is so yuck today. yesterday (or up in the city at least) is was 23 and really warm and sunny and kind of humid actaully. it was wierd actually because i totally got rained on in the morning and then i came out of class and it was awesome weather.


Sorry i am just typing now, just feeling a bit lonely and i like typing here because it makes me feel less alone, but lets face it no one wants to hear about weather patterns so i will just stop now. apologies.  




Re: TwittRO

Gail: Whoa I haven't read this thread in a few days and am so behind! These posts are getting so long, what happened to 140 characters? Having a lazy day today, but need to get started on some assignments...