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Re: TwittRO

Just spent an amazing night out with everyone from boxing for our Christmas break up, can't wait to start back up again in January!

Re: TwittRO

DC: It's been a very long, painful and hard year (maybe taking a gap year wasn't the best thing for me) and despite how crappy things got/kinda still are and how unmotivated I was to start uni, I've officially enrolled and applied for accommodation. And the best part it, I'm actually kinda proud. Big, fat, awesome step. Bring on 2013? I think so :'D

Re: TwittRO

@dreamcatcher: The year isn't over yet! Smiley Happy Good on you for making such a move despite how you're feeling.


@Tempus: Like a christmas party or everyone making the most of a last session? Always nice to have something so positive towards the ending and beginning of the year.


@mischeifmanaged: Congrats to your mum (and you for all the compliments)! Did you have a nice time? 


@lokifish: That's fantastic! It's those days/times/feelings we need to remember when the anxiety makes those nice/normal times seem like nonsense. Good on you for putting yourself in those situations. Smiley Very Happy


@delicatedreamer: It's greatly annoying. There's either something to do which is usually inducing anxiety or I'm bored and wanting something to come up even with the anxiety.

Anyway, our house's sound completely opposite haha. We don't even have a tree up, I doubt we'll put one up. I love seeing houses with christmas lights though! 


 Birdeye: I should be much happier with, even proud of, myself. I had an interview type thing today, first one I've ever really done. I thought I did well, until the moment it was over... If I look at it from a MH progress angle, I did fantastically.

Ah! I wish you'd be reviewed afterwards being told properly how you did.

Re: TwittRO

Birdeye; Annoying, isn't it?

MM: I'm jealous! The dress is gorgeous!!!

DC: This hasn't been the best year for me either, but you know what? WE MADE IT!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: TwittRO

Birdeye: Wow! You responded to everyone! Smiley Very Happy. You should be proud of yourself! The first one you did! It was sort of both, we all made the best of our last session for the year, then a group of us went out for dinner at a local pub Smiley Very Happy.

DC: The same for me DC, although the last few months of the year I've made massive progress in everything and I've made the most of it! So make the most of the handful of days you've got left before uni! Although I'm sure Uni will be great, I'm hoping I get my spot on Uni and get to start next year!

Really nervous for tomorrow as I want to give a speech about games programming to an audience at a small convention! Want to try and inspire people to start programming and offer to teach anyone who wants to learn!

Re: TwittRO

Cassie: Is going bowling tonight for my housemate's birthday!

Re: TwittRO

dd it was a chocolate cornetto! Yummy!


Atma: is having a really nice relaxing day. Nothing too fancy but just enjoying my own company for once!

Re: TwittRO

Woah, there has been a lot of activity here! Smiley Very Happy


I'm loving the amount of purple fans we have here! And just coincidently I'm wearing my purple bracelet, a purple top and my skirt has pink/purple colour in it too! (it's a floral design)!!! All I can think of is purple everywhere hahaha... ANd I'm suddenly noticing how much purple I have around me right now XD


@MM: That dress is amazing! I really love the colour! Smiley Happy


@Dreamcatcher: Congrats on enrolling and applying for accomodation! Hopefully next year turns out better for you Smiley Happy


@Birdeye: Not quite sure what happened, though I think you should be proud of yourself. This interveiw sounds like something that you were possibly nervous over? But as you said if you look at it from a MH perspective you did fantastic! Even that small acknowledgement is great! Smiley Happy


Bee: Got an assessment back today, and feeling super proud because not only did I top the class, I smashed the task. 100%!! I was shocked.. I took it to my mentor at the start of lunch and she was just as estactic about it as I was (if not more, haha). Feeling pretty good right about now Smiley Very Happy Cat Very Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TwittRO

@Cassie Hope you're having/had fun. I haven't been bowling in ages.


@Atma Chocolate cornetto's used to be my favourite! Yum Smiley Happy


@Bee That's so awesome! You must be one smart cookie Smiley Wink (now I'm craving cookies... hmmm...)

Oh, and I just realized that the multi-coloured striped top I'm wearing has every colour BUT purple. I'm wearing purple nail polish though. Purple purple purple Smiley Very Happy


Loki: All this talk of food (and my mention of cookies) has made me hungry. Off to the fridge for supper I go!

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: TwittRO

Thanks guys!

Yeah, I was bridesmaid (only bridesmaid). It was truly a beautiful and unique colour! Smiley Happy

MM: So exhausted after a big week - still have 7 hours of work before the week is over though! C'mon Sunday night!