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Re: Username Acrostic

Hehe yeah biggest regret Smiley Happy

Re: Username Acrostic

L is for love, which I believe is the most important part of life

E is for expression

T is for time, because I like to use mine wisely

I is for independence

T is for truth, and how I try to live it

G is for goodness, which I look for in everyone 

O is for outstanding, because I'm trying to be okay with standing out. Actually, O is for Okay. Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Username Acrostic

So after a glance through this thread, I realised I never did it! Though I thought I did... Oh well!

N is for new starts, because that's what I'm trying.
1 is for *crying* why did I choose the most complicated version of Nightwing first? Smiley Tongue
G is for (one of) my pupper! Her name starts with G Smiley Very Happy
H is for horses because yes I still love them
T is for teleportation, the one power I always wish I had (along with Time Smiley Tongue)
W is for wind because I love a windy day. Really cuts down on the heat, so long as the wind isn't hot, then it's a nightmare.
1 is for... 1pm! Because it might just be 1:11 when I post this! If I'm fast enough Smiley Tongue
N is for nothing because I'm tired
G is for gardens because they're pretty.

(so I did kind of give up at the end there but oh well! Here's mine Smiley Tongue)

Re: Username Acrostic

B is for blue, my second favourite colour

E is for eccentric. I am slightly strange.

A is for anorexia, which I am trying to recover completely from.

G is for Goodreads, one of my favourite websites to go on.

L is for love for my beagle and cat.

E is for eggs, which I hate! (they're okay in pavlova and cake though)

8 is for the first digit of my locker number

6 is for the number of the month I was born in (June)

6 is for the number of times I have been inpatient. (or was it 7? ha. sorry, couldn't think of a better one)


Re: Username Acrostic

really regretting having numbers in my username rn, holy moley Smiley LOL
E- enthusiasm, because i try to apply that to everything in my life

C- caring, it's a trait i think is so so important

L- laughter, which we all need!
A- apples, which I love with peanut butter Smiley Tongue
3- the number of kids in my family!

4-favvvv number Smiley Very Happy



We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Username Acrostic

S is for sammy. most people call me samantha or sam, and my family and close friends call my manthy (a long running joke) but someone really special to me calls me sammy, and while i didn’t particularly like the nickname at first, it grew on me and now i love it, and use it for most usernames.
A is for...anxiety?...i guess. sure have a lot of that
M is for motherfuckers coz that’s a word i use a lot (idk if you’re allowed to swear on this site but ah well)
Y is for y tf tho
Y is for yukky ; how i feel about my face
E is for eeek ; how i feel about life

Re: Username Acrostic

S is for sanity, something I may or may not lack depending on our current number of assessment tasks.

O is for oh no, something I think when we get another assessment task.

M is for monstrosity, what this username acrostic is.

E is for extremely annoying, see second line.

O is for oh wait did I already do this letter?

N is for not crazy, what I hope we are.

E is for energy, what we lack whenever we're tired.

N is for negativity, something we definitely want less of.

A is for appreciation, how we feel about each other.

D is for dabbing, the sole reason why there are people who probably want to kill me.

J is for joy, how we usually feel around each other.

S is for sleep, something we should get right around now.

- N


Re: Username Acrostic

Great Idea for a thread!
hmm... Let's see...

x - xylophone hater (I like musical instruments, but not the xylophone!)
X - I really don't have anything for the letter x!
L - Lexi - My family, friends, and teachers, call me Lexi...
e - exciting...not. I'm a well-known, and well-liked person at school. By my teachers and fellow students... But my life is pretty boring. and sad. and depressing..Shall I continue? Hmm... Nah.
x - WTH!
i - ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My all time favourite food! I would literally lick the bowl and spoon until it was clean. I still do it too!
L - lost without RO, or friends.
o - opposite... I have an evil twin at school. We aren't related, but she has the same first name, and does the opposite things to me. Honestly, she gets into more trouble than anyone! She's been suspended more than anyone too!
u - understanding. I love supporting my peers, and try to understand what they need, and help them in any way possible!
1 - I AM DA 1 DA 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Boss glasses...). No. I am the eldest of five kids...
2 - I have two sisters...
2 - I have two brothers...
X - Delete my username already!
x - I'm dying... very slowly... we all are...

Well, That could have been better...
Oh well!
I can't wait to read more!

//You are strong, You are beautiful, You are enough//


Re: Username Acrostic

@Sammyye did you get your coffee? Smiley Very Happy

@SomeoneNADJS nice acrostic! Smiley Happy I love the words you chose.

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx haha so many x's Smiley Tongue I think you did an amazing job!