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Vegan or vegetarian?

Is anyone on here vegan or vegetarian? I'm starting a 30 day vegan thing tomorrow and was looking for tips!


Re: Vegan or vegetarian?

I have been vegetarian for 15 years, which makes me feel reeeeally old Smiley Happy I know @redhead is one too.

What sort of tips are you looking for - like recipes or how to cope with limited options?

Re: Vegan or vegetarian?

Hey @lanejane I'm neither, but i wish you all the best on your next 30 days!

1.Soy and almond milk are heaps tasty with coffee! 2.When eating out, Asian cuisine would be a great choice, they always seem to have an extensive list of vegetarian/vegan options Smiley Happy

Again, good luck!
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Re: Vegan or vegetarian?

My tip is make sure you still get enough protein.
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Re: Vegan or vegetarian?

I'm vegetarian, so I'm not sure how much insight I can provide about veganism specifically, but it would help to get your iron levels checked at some point. I know my iron levels aren't as high as they should be with just food, so I usually take iron supplements as well. Also remember to eat foods with vitamins that help absorb iron and calcium alongside iron- and calcium-rich vegetables and legumes.

Also legumes and pulses will probably become your best friends during this time

Re: Vegan or vegetarian?

I'm neither, but I'd totally love to hear how you go! 

Re: Vegan or vegetarian?

I'm neither now - but I was vegan for 2 years and vegetarian for many more...

It's pretty easy to eat vegan and it probably makes you more creative with cooking and I found I went to more effort make meals MORE delicious & nutritious when I was vegan.... Supplements for b12 and other protein can help but so can a properly planned eating plan!

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Re: Vegan or vegetarian?

Hi @lanejane  How is your thirty day vegan/veg thingie going? I like my meat, sorry, so i can't give much advice Cat Embarassed


I always eat my vegies and couldn't live without, but some friends of mine are vegetarian, and when i visit them they always have something yummy cooking!

Re: Vegan or vegetarian?

Hey  @lanejane 


I describe myself as  'pragmatic vegan' which sounds really wanky, but I basically don't eat or add to the consumption of animal products, without being too hardcore about it. I eat eggs layed by our own chickens, and sometimes honey from our friend's hives, but for all purposes am 'vegan' if I eat out somewhere.


My biggest piece of advice would be to not just cut meat/dairy out, but try and replace it with something equally as nutritious - eg tofu, nuts, seeds, legumes etc.

Also keep an eye on calcium - a lot of non-dairy milks are fortified with calcium, but it's just worth checking the label. 


There are so many awesome vegetarian recipes that can be adapted to be vegan - if you get a chance, try and get your hands on a copy of "Plenty" or "Plenty More" by Yotam Ottolenghi. Serious delicious eats.


Have fun Smiley Happy

Re: Vegan or vegetarian?

Thank you all for your amazing suggestions.


I will admit the challenge is going pretty terribly. My heart was in it for the first week but then food got very boring. It sounds lame, but, I am way to broke and busy to put time into cooking good vegan meals. I know there are millions of amazing receipes out there but i'm a simple girl when it comes to cooking at home.


I did it for a week (and ate something at least one a day with dairy in it because I would just forget - like i made sure i didn't get cheese in my sandwich but then i got mayo???), but don't think I will stick to the rest of the 30 days.


It has 100% changed the way I think and feel though, and I am definitley going to be a lot more concious of what animal products I'm eating. Like, I saw that pesto sauce in my cupboard had animal rennet in it - gross. Never again.


I'm still going to eat soy milk, and aim to cut out all eggs, and not use butter and lots of stuff. But as a vegetarian products like Quorn, which is a protein source with a little bit of dairy in it I really can't see myself going without.