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Virtual Sleepover :)

OK, So recently @lokifish mentioned the idea of a virtual sleepover. 

Of course my immediate thought was, "Genius!" and then "How come my brain didn't think of this?!" and then 











*Also I don't think my GIFS are working but insert a 'Mind blown'*

A few other members (I don't remember - my brain can not remember anything after a couple of minutes) I think @litgym and @Puppies026 were down for it so I thought maybe you could share some ideas about it. 

This must happen guys. It must. RO is in dire need of a sleepover Smiley Tongue


I was thinking something along the lines of:

1. At about 7:00pm AUS time on a day (Don't know which but not when Infobus's GR's etc are on.

2. Can come chat about the week, advice etc. etc. 

3. Can still chat during week (Not only at the night)

4. Maybe we could have a different theme or something each week (e.g. Star Wars GIFS etc etc. IDK Smiley LOL

5. Keep it positive and light hearted.


Please add any ideas you think of and change any of mine. Thanks Heaps! Heart


Re: Virtual Sleepover

@annabethxchase this will be so lit !!!!!!!!!!Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy


7pm AEST which is like Sydney time and whatever other cities on that side of Aus I dont even know😬 That'll be so cool if we have themes. In general this is like just amazing hahahaha.

Re: Virtual Sleepover

Oh wow there's an actual name @litgym lol! Ahh Copyright Lokifish 2018! Do you have any ideas on days? Monday is out but probably just whenever is best for you.

Re: Virtual Sleepover

@annabethxchase Thursdays are out for me. I reckon Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are probably the best tbh. But we should definitely do like an overnight virtual sleepover one time. Oml im typing in capitals....this never happens, im actually multitasking right now and kinda gave up in writing in lower case. sorry I just side tracked a lot just then.

Re: Virtual Sleepover

Hehe @litgym! Totally we could do like a once a month/every few months a big overnight and we could play some games, raid the games section (Get a lot of count to 1,000, 000 done) I'm think Fridays because people might be busy on weekends (But the again they can be just as busy on Fridays, Idk my brain is just, non existent right now tbh.

Re: Virtual Sleepover

@annabethxchase yeah Fridays maybe a Tuesday or wednesday night ? Sometimes Monday's are good because everyone is active because of the GR. 

Re: Virtual Sleepover

Yeah that makes sense @litgym. I think we'll see what everyone else says so hopefully that narrows things down. We could probably do it later after the GR!

Re: Virtual Sleepover

Hola Everyone! 

Yes I know, my Spanish is really coming along Smiley LOL !

So about the Virtual Sleepover - Is it okay if I get your opinions on what nights you guys are free (If you want to participate)?


tenor (4).gif

Re: Virtual Sleepover

hey @annabethxchase honestly im free any day expect thursday’s. can’t wait till it starts happening !

Re: Virtual Sleepover

Ahhh me too! Thanks @litgym!!! <333