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Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

I only know because we mods try to keep track of it for planning stuffs, like GRs. Smiley Tongue

Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

Oh wow @N1ghtW1ng, This AEDT is really throwing me off! Does RO use AEDT because you are in NSW atm? The time that messages are sent are an hour ahead lol. It's 7:11 here and it must be 8:11 there, weirdSmiley Surprised

Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

So, It looks like we can do the sleepovers on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

I'm leaning towards Friday because if my weekends are anything to go by - people will be busy!!

Sooo, time related I would say 6:00 AEST (QLD and other places lol) or 7:00 AEDT (NSW and idk where else)

Help me!! My brain cannot comprehend these abrupt time changes!!!

Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

@annabethxchase wait is qld and nsw not in the same time thing ? im gonna look this up ! ahhhh so apparently there is AWST/AWDT(western) ACST/ACDT (central) and AEST/AEDT (eastern). nsw and qld is in the same time. wait does qld not have daylight saving oml. im actually so confused, im confusing myself !!


because RO hq is located in Sydney do you want to do normal AEDT time like 7pm ? 

Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

Okey, I'm so confused to @litgym!

QLD is not on daylight saving we are on AEST. 

I had no idea that WA ans SA/NT were different to QLD! What the heck

What I know for sure is that it says you posted that message at 8:30 but it's 7:30 here wth?!


I think it'll be good at 7pm AEDT which is (This is just for my reference lol) 6pm AEST no clue about everywhere else i'll look it up.

Ok apparently it's 5:30 in perth which is 2 hours behind AEST

It's 8:00pm in SA which is 30 mins ahead of AEST same goes for TAS

It's 7:00 in NT which is 30 mins behind AEST


Wow I think I covered everything Phew


Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

@annabethxchase well australia is divided into 3 sections and yeah. well let’s just do 7pm to however late AEDT and whatever time it is for you which i think is 6pm then yeah that’s your time ahaha. 

Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

Oh wow @litgym!

Why can't we all just run on the same time! Why the fuss uhhhh! Smiley LOLHeart

Stupid time zones *throws hissy fit*

Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

@annabethxchase ahaha yeah - too confusing !

when should we start our first virtual sleepover ?

Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

RO uses AEDT because that's where the offices are and the staff live Smiley Happy

Mods live all over Smiley Very Happy

(and yes, it's definitely weird Smiley Tongue)

Re: Virtual Sleepover :)

Ummm maybe the 19th or 26th this month or even 2nd of November @litgym

Ohh that explains it @N1ghtW1ng!Smiley Very Happy