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On the 'What Are You Looking Forward To?' thread today a lot of us mentioned that we are looking forward to volunteering or activities associated with their volunteer roles. 

This got me thinking that maybe those who volunteer can share a bit about it. 

So here are a few questions to answer if you'd like to, but keep in mind our community guidelines. 

1. What is volunteer role?

2. What benefits do you get from volunteering 

3. What benefits do other people get from your work? 


I volunteer at cafe doing all sorts of job including waiting tables. This cafe is unique because it is run almost purely by volunteers and relies on the generous support of the community to keep its doors open... you think that's cool? Well, each customer that eats at the cafe only has to pay what they can OR what they feel the meal is worth, so it means a lot of people who would go without dinner get a good feed. The type of people who eat there are all so different, there are many people who may be marginalised in society or maybe they aren't, but everyone comes together! It's like a little community. 


I benefit from my volunteer work because it makes me feel useful, proud and that valued. I work hard but I feel so so good afterwards knowing that I have just helped so many people out. I can go home at night knowing a few less people are going hungry. I feel like I am now becoming a part of a family there which is so welcoming. It also helps me feel less marginalised and different because i am part of a group of people who share the same love for it that I do. 


I knowthe cafe benefits from having me there because I'm an extra set out of hands, what if I wasn't there and they struggled to keep up with everyone and had to say no to people? That would be pretty sad. The customers benefit for the above reasons and I'm always up for a chat as well so they might benefit from having a good laugh with me. 


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Re: Volunteering!

Hi @j95, great thread! 


I am really glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself at the Cafe and feel like the value adding is working both ways. I think it is absolutely wonderful that volunteering to you means a sense of community and belonging. Does everyone else feel the same?


To answer your questions:


1. What is volunteer role?


I am someone who loves taking initiative and running self-made fundraising campaigns for non-profit organisations or causes. For example, I recently started a campaign to support a big organisation to help build a school in Laos. To fundraise the $20,000, I built a team and strategically thought up activities and initiatives we could do to raise that money. 


2. What benefits do you get from volunteering 


Volunteering is a two-way street. It is a fantastic way to give back to the community and really be part of something that you feel passionate about. As well as this, volunteering teaches you a lot of traits, skills and attitudes that you won't get anywhere else. Through volunteering I started to understand true compassion as well as develop nitty gritty skills that I know will stay with me for a while to come. As well as this I love the networks, community and togetherness of working for a common cause. 


3. What benefits do other people get from your work? 


I like to feel that I add value to others lives. I really love to think of the story of the young boy and the starfish washed up on the beach. Volunteering is like throwing one starfish at a time back into the water, it changes lives one person at a time. I feel being part of the community helps build movements and really gathers momentum through word of mouth so that more people jump on board.


Re: Volunteering!

This is so cool @j95! Volunteering has so many different benefits for yourself and others and sharing is also nice too!

I don't volunteer, especially not at the moment due to the exchange thing, but it's something that I've always been interested in, at least partially. I've mostly been to shy to actively pursue a volunteering role though, but maybe when I get back I'll find it! Smiley Happy
And that cafe sounds pretty awesome.

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