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Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

I've just come back from a holiday in Ireland and loved it! The Giants Causeway is spectacular and everyone's accent is so adorable!

Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

This thread is great, love reading what you all have to say about travelling - I especially love exploring Australia as well! The rural towns have so much to offer.


Im going to be visiting Melbourne soon, and making plans for New Zealand. Not sure how long to stay at either places as well, because I can do my work anywhere remotely over the net, lots of exploring to do!

Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

@ElleBelle Ireland? That sounds so great! I'll put it on my lsit!

@hodgepodge Rural towns can be quite nice I think. Melbourne is also nice. And my friend went to New Zealand (and my sis) and both loved it there. I'd suggest staying a few weeks in New Zealand and maybe the same time or maybe just one week in Melbourne. Both have a lot to offer! That's also so cool that you can do your work anywhere! Definitely a lot of time for exploring.

Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

Ahh this thread makes me so excited for Europe in November!!!! I have never seeen snow or been on holiday to a place that wasnt majorly hot and sweaty so it will be such a nice change i cant wait for big coats and beanies!!!


All of you guys plans sound great and i am jealous that im not a full time traveller !


@KitKat you haveeeeeeee to go to osaka! its such a nice place, not as busy as Tokyo and so pretty. its the kind of place where you can find busy areas and then ride a bike for five minutes and find some quiet (tokyo is kind of busy everywhere haha)

All of Japan is beautiful though, especially in the countryside, Nagoya and Kamikochi, ahhh! Sogood! I want to go back Smiley Happy

ps if you go in summer it actually gets realllllyyyy freakin hot!




Anyone have suggestions for places I MUST visit in Euro?!

Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

@hartley_ I was secretly hoping you would reply, haha! I'm going for most of May, so I'll be there for the end of Spring. I'm booking my Kyoto and Osaka accomodation this weekend though! I'm looking forward to getting out of the city into all the nice areas though, some hiking and bike riding will definitely be on the agenda! I'm super devestated it's not climbing season for Mt Fuji though, apparently you can still climb it alone but none of the support services or that on the mountain are open so they really advise against it.


Any secret traveller handy tips, tricks or hints you want to share though ? Smiley Tongue


And @hodgepodge , what exciting things do you have planned for Melbourne? I've really enjoyed Melbourne the last few times I've been. I'm someone who has a terrible sense of direction (I can literally lose the carpark I parked my car in at the shops) but I haven't been lost in Melbourne yet!



Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

Oh you guys, this thread is making me way too jealous! I don't have any concrete travel plans at the moment, but in January I spontaneously packed up my bags and went to Sydney for a week. I stayed with a friend up there and it was super-dooper awesome.


The photos aren't the best I've taken (far from it) but they're still pretty special Smiley Happy







No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

@KitKat We climbed Fuji and it was rad but wayyyy harder than I imagined. I was thinking "oh heaps of tourists climb it, it will be easy" but it was hard and the top was freeeeeeeeezing even in the middle of summer and yeah it was a mission. It is beautiful though but it would be pretty scary alone.


In Osaka we stayed in an awesom hostel called Hostel 64 in a Japanese style room with tatami mat futon beds and stuff but it was quite spacious and the room was big enough for approx three star jumps across around the bed area

In Kyoto I booked a Japanese style room thinking oh we have to try it not just get a western room! -THE FUTON BED ON THE FLOOR ACTUALLY WENT UP THE WALLS!! thats how small it was, and the door was minature size???? we called it our hobbit hole.. the day we were checking out I caught a glimpse in a western room.... DOUBLE BED, COUCH, COFFEE TABLE.. ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES bahhhhh haha


Spring will be awesme weather and great scenery! Omg take me in your suitcase plz i want to visit japan in every season Smiley Very Happy


Ummm tips

Get a phrase book!!!! I also thought more people would know english but they dont - howeverrrrr they are sooooo lovely and helpful and will stop to help if you are struggling with directions and even google map on phone things for you even though they probs dont know what you are saying <3

They are really lovely people and the vibes there are awesome - feeling safe at night etc. They think anger is a weakness and therefore dont road rage!



um also take a lot of money for convinient stores and shopping because everything is cute and yummt and sweet and delicious! We arrived at about 2am and had sushi from a convinient store... FRESHER AND BETTER than any sushi ive like everrrr had haha

And supermarkets have a huge section of ready made huge meals for like $3 AUD and omg i want to roll around on a bed of sweet buns *cries



oh and ps all the dogs are really smalll!!???? like normal dog breeds but small mini versions so they fit in apartments?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

@hartley_ Awww man! I can't wait! 53 days and counting!!


I'll totes suss out that hostel though! I love that you provided measurements in star-jumps Smiley Tongue I've heard that most of the hotels there are pretty tiny, especially in Tokyo. A lot of the hotels were offering 'semi-double' beds which turns out to basically be a single-bed and a half squished into a single room. I'm so glad that my boyfriend and I are both pretty small people, aha.


I wanted to stay in a Japanese room at least once though for the same reason - "I'm in Japan, I might as well!". When I told my boyfriend he asked me what the difference was. He was not impressed when I explained about the little futon beds and stuff , haha. I'm working on convincing him though ;P


And I need all the space in my suitcase for all the adorable things I am going to buy! I have an obbession complusion where if I see something and it makes me go "EEE CUTE" I basically have to buy it. I will deffs invest in a phrase book though! When I went to Thailand I wrote down all my addresses and stuff like that, so I think I'll do that again but then maybe have a copy with it in Japanese as well. I totally downloaded a few apps and stuff to teach myself, so I've got a few basics down! Anything longer then about 6 words though I can't manage, aha.



Buuuuut! Convinient stores = Traveller heaven. In Thailand 7/11 saved us so many times and when I was in London I basically lived at the grocery store buying all there little sandwich packs and stuff. I will take photos of sweet buns for you though ;P And then I will eat them all!


I will probably steal every small dog there and bring it back with me. I won't be able to handle the cuteness! 

Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

Currently kinda going through a crisis because my forever dream travel plan was to come to Australia, and NOW I'VE DONE THAT SO NOW WHAT. Since I've been here (January 14), I've been to Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Port Stephens, Melbourne, Cairns, and Fiji.  I'm really sad I never made it to the Gold Coast, but this semester has been really crazy and amazing, and I'm so happy I got to travel so much.


I'd like to backpack around Europe (I defintely want to go to Poland) - a friend and I have been talking about making it happen but it's not gonna be for a while because... money.  Especially after this semester, #broke haha!

Re: Wanderlust: Share your travel adventures and plans for the future!

@lokifish looking at your pictures, and realizing that I've stood in the same place you have (considering I'm from the complete opposite side of the world) is so crazy!