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Re: Weddings!

Not quite wedding season for me...more like an engagement one Smiley Happy. One of my friends has just gotten engaged and one is soon to be engaged (the guy is popping the question next week!!!). 


I've only been to one wedding to date but it was a marathon lol. It was a Sri Lankan/Indian wedding so it was a 3 day long ceremony with like a week worth of lead up events. I was exhausted so I can't imagine how the couple felt!

Re: Weddings!

I have been to a couple of weddings when I was younger - therefore unfortunately I did not have alot of say in what I wore.


I am going to be a bridesmaid in march next year and am already excited to actually be involved in a wedding. So much so I wanted to reply to your post as soon as a saw it.


Who doesn't love a celebration of love! I know I certainly do. Smiley Happy

Re: Weddings!

best wedding movies include 27 dresses and bachelorette.

i love weddings! i heard recently that females guests shouldn't wear white dresses? any truth to that?

for guys it's pretty simple unless you wanna wear something with a bit more statement. whatever you chose though in my head it's always like if this is someone's wedding - an occasion they'll hopefully remember forever - you gotta play your part and look your best ! if not for the bride and groom then for yourself at least. give your look some time and thought.

and gosh are they fun. the food, the music, the people.

Re: Weddings!

I think not wearing white (if you're a girl) is just a sign of respect so the bride stands out more. Nobody wants to detract attention from the bride on their special day!