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What Makes A Community?

Hi all 

I'm interested to hear what you feels make a community?

How would you describe it? Can you do it in three words and then tell us why you picked those three words?


For me... 

Inclusive - Welcoming to everybody, people feel like they are a part of group.


Diversity - Different people from different walks of life are not only a part of the community but are comfortable to share their interests/culture/way of living 


Supportive - A place where you feel like people have your back 





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Re: What Makes A Community?

I like this thread! I'll have to have a think and then come back with my answers Smiley Happy

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Re: What Makes A Community?

Ooooh @j95 I love this question! Such a great way to spark conversation and get people thinking!


For me, I think community is about a sense of belonging. It's a place where you can feel welcome and unconditionally accepted. Where you don't have to feel alone, and you know that you never really are.


I agree with your three words. Mine would be....



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