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What RO taught me in 2014...

. No deep or insightful post here, although responses may be. I thought it might be interesting to see what people picked up here  in the year just passed. Feel free to join me


Reachout taught me a lot about how we are all very different from each other and that doesn't matter. We are all unique individuals dealing with our own highs and lows but none of that makes anyone better than anyone else or less of a person. I used to consider myself pretty judgmental but hated it so much, no matter how much I tried to not be like that I couldnt help it. But in April 2014 I joined reachout and it has totally changed my veiw on everybody around me. 



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Re: What RO taught me in 2014...

RO taught me that it was ok to be me. It taught me that in ok and that it's ok not to be ok too.
I joined RO in April and have come a long way since then. I learned a lot about myself and everyone else.
I have also made some good friends on RO and really treasure the forums.
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Re: What RO taught me in 2014...

I joined ReachOut back in 2012. What R.O has taught me in 2014 is that it's helped me gain more insight to different people's lives and what they're going through. It's also helped with doing some mythbusting - for awhile, I thought I was down pat with all the going-ons and the ins and outs of certain issues. But hey, I was wrong and it has been a surprising but rewarding journey to continue learning. Smiley Happy

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Re: What RO taught me in 2014...

I joined RO in 2014 too and have similar insights to you @j95 


All of us on the forum are so incredibly different from each other, going through different journeys and facing our own unique challenges - yet we're all able to come together and relate to each other in wonderful ways.


As different as we all are, RO has taught me that we all have some common ground, whether it be musical interests, facing similar challenges, being at a similar stage in life or something else. All of these things bring us together and I think it's amazing to see everyone supporting and relating to each other on the forums Smiley Happy



Re: What RO taught me in 2014...

I wholeheartedly agree with your post, @benjamin_ , RO provides a space that allows us to anonymously connect, express ourselves, contribute and provide mutual support. I arrived on RO last September, and quite like the forum and resources.

Re: What RO taught me in 2014...

May I retract my comment about enjoying forums lol! Funny how I used the Reach Out resources and materials online (for my TAFE course) Since September last year, BEFORE I found the forums the past week!

Re: What RO taught me in 2014...

RO taught me that there are lots of like minded people out there in the world, and lots of people who really want to get help and feel better!



Re: What RO taught me in 2014...

Hey @j95 

goodness, 2014 seems so long ago right now.

I joined last September and since then RO has shown me how tight knit a community can be, even if no one on here really knows who they're talking to. I've also learned how insightful we all are Smiley Happy


Re: What RO taught me in 2014...

@j95  I know I'm a bit late to this thread, but what an awesome idea!!


 Reachout has taught me as much about other people as it has about myself, but more than anything it's shown me how mere encourage and support can be hugely beneficial

Re: What RO taught me in 2014...

Stick to your guns 

Always keep your end goal in mind when things are getting tough 

Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are the only one