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What are your top 5 fears?

Hey guys! I decided to make my very own thread...because well I haven't really done that before. The topic of this thread is 'What are your top 5 fears?'

Here are mine:

1-The world ending during my lifetime
2-Being left alone in the dark
3-Horror movies coming true
4-I will lose my friends/family
5-Orlando Bloom not falling in love with me Smiley Tongue

Great! Now it's your go! Hopefully you guys can come up with some way better ones than me! I hope that we can all get to know each other here at RO through posts like these, and maybe even discover a bit more about ourselves. I hope this thread goes well, it's my first attempt at this kind of thing so please, join in! Smiley Very Happy


Re: What are your top 5 fears?

@Pillow this is a great idea Smiley Happy and we can even come back and post if we've managed to overcome our fears. It's always a great thing to know what we are afraid of, so that we know what we can overcome Smiley Happy


For me, it would be...

1- Falling.

2- Being alone. (I don't mean by myself, I mean alone, with nobody to turn to alone.)

3- (gonna steal one from yours pillow, sorry) the world ending while I'm alive

4- myself

5- rejection 

Re: What are your top 5 fears?

@Pillow ~ Awesome trend you got here; me impressed Smiley Very Happy

You are legit-ically right with your fears = who wouldn't be scared of those? But de last one = who is Orlando Bloom? ;D Sorry, I got no basic knowledge Smiley Happy

Don't need to thank us, we are here to thank you Smiley Very Happy


Here's my TOP 5 FEARS!!!!!!!

1) My parents finding out that I nearly went to detention in primary school.

2) People being able to read my mind.

3) Getting either murdered, assulted and drowned!

4) Natural disasters 

5) Loved ones pass away D;





Re: What are your top 5 fears?

1. Failure

2. Losing moneys

3. Loved ones dying

4. 4am neg thoughts, they're the wooooorrrrstttt :/

5. I am actually terrified of burning out.


Fears suck. 

Re: What are your top 5 fears?

all of mine seem quite silly but but i really am terifed of them


1.the toilet when it flushes (thanks to the movie gremlins)

2. old people (not normal old people but the really old kind)

3. breathing when i go past a cemetery

4. people

5. loud noises

Re: What are your top 5 fears?

1. Failing

2. Someone I love dying

3. Being alone

4. Being broke

5. Teeth falling out (weird, I know)

Re: What are your top 5 fears?

Ok, so here goes:


1) Having no future, as in, I'm scared I won't be able to bust out of the current situation of "taking a break" (which I honestly think is something I need right now but others aren't that supportive of it) and not being able to go back to school, find a job, move out and things like that.


2) Losing my hearing (I'm a muso, so I really want to hear the weird and wonderful music that people make)


3) Falling back to some of my nasty "detached self soother" habits.


4) Not being able to play guitar ever again. Kinda related to the second one but it's still a scary one for me Smiley Tongue


5) midnight thoughts that conflict. For example, when there are 100s of thoughts flying around in my head at 1000km/h and can't get to sleep before getting out of bed the next day. Usually the next day goes down the toilet.

Re: What are your top 5 fears?

Oooh it'll be tough to narrow it down to five - I've always been quite the worry wart. Smiley Tongue


1. Heights

2. Small spaces

3. People thinking I'm stupid/ugly/worthless

4. Ending up homeless

5. My house burning down


They're some of the main ones.

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Re: What are your top 5 fears?

1. heights


3. Strange noises at night!

4. horror mirrors

5. i used to be scared of storms but im good now Smiley Happy

Re: What are your top 5 fears?

1. Being told I am infertile.

2. All of my immediate family dying at the same time.

3. People seeing me the way I see myself

4. Loud noises in the dead of the night.

5. Being set alight. 

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