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What did you do today?

This is what I did Man Tongue


+ Wore my country cricket team shirt in "Multicultural Day" at my school.

+ Gave rice to the birds that come everyday to my house to eat rice.

+ Changed my phone ringtone (today it rang during English along with my message tone which is a computer voice saying "So yeah, I don't care what you think. Bro, you stink!" 

+ Made friends with little bros in year eight

+ Screamed out "CURRY, CURRY, CURRY" while selling food at school.



Re: What did you do today?

I do what I always do - sit at home, browse the internet, wait for my boyfriend to finish work so we can watch show's we've already watched way too many times already. I don't mind the repetition, but he does Smiley Happy


I'm unemployed, and I don't have any hobbies per say. Quite a boring life to most people, but for me it's just life. It's what I'm used to. And it totally frustrates people way more than it frustrates me. 


Smiley Happy

Re: What did you do today?

Hey @LadyDinosaur, sounds like researching tv shows might be the perfect hobby for you. Always nice watching something familiar. Sounds to me in life not frustrating you, you are enjoying it, that's awesome.

Hey @Doni99, here's a fun fact, birds can't digest uncooked rice and that's why they stopped throwing it at weddings! Hope the curry was delicious!

As for me, I worked, which was fun, and I'm gonna watch some tv before I study! Been a good day.

Re: What did you do today?

I organised a heap of documents for my next travel adventure, completed my annual paperwork for work, applied for a renewal on my working with children's check, went to the shopping centre to pick up a few things, met a friend for coffee/chats, and am now about to watch the new episode of American Horror Story with my sister before I make dinner. Good day Smiley Happy

Re: What did you do today?

I slept in until 11am before heading off to school for my Literature exam (last exam for the year - hooray!) After that I had some good chats with friends, then came home, ate chocolate and went on Tumblr for a while. Tonight I plan on catching up on The Big Bang Theory episodes and heading off to bed early-ish, ready for a day/night of partying and end-of-year celebrations tomorrow Smiley Very Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: What did you do today?

I woke up and now I'm here! Might be because I'm on the other side of the world for now.


Yesterday, I spent all day at home because when it wasn't snowing it was raining. Eventually I convinced my partner that we had to go out and get something to eat, so we went and grabbed some takeaway pizza, plus some snacks, then we came home and watched Blackfish, a documentary about the plight of captive orcas / killer whales.


If you haven't seen it, well, it's quite good! I think it stretches things a little on some of the facts — e.g. the guy says there's no record of an orca doing any harm to a human in the wild but that's not true, though the number of incidents are a fraction compared to what happens in captivity — but it's overall pretty comprehensive on one side of the argument.


Re: What did you do today?

Today I babysat two little girls, Emma - 5 and Georgina - 3. I painted their nails, watched fairy movies, took them to the park and took them out for lunch.


Then I went home, called my KHL counsellor and talked to her about how my eating is going.


Then I watched the Australian Open, read my book, ate dinner, hung out with my family and now I'm in bed about to sleep Smiley Happy


A nice and balanced day Smiley Very Happy

Re: What did you do today?

Today I went into uni to sort out my subjects for this semester, then I went to town and had sushi for lunch, then work from 1-7. Home now, relaxing and watching the tennis


Re: What did you do today?

Today I talked to my friends, listened to music and did lots on online depression therapy (at Moodgym). And . . .yeah. . .then I joined reachout. Just taking life one step at a time, trying to stay calm and relaxed. Smiley Happy

Re: What did you do today?

Today I went and worked for six hours at my parent's shop. 

Then I walked home in the sun whilst eating sushi for lunch.

Now I'm at home relaxing and listening to music. I'm home alone tonight, so I'm trying to work out what I can *attempt* to cook for dinner!