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Re: What did you do today?

Today I watched some tv, cleaned my room, watered my uncle's plants, went to two meetings, had dinner, watched a movie and played Scrabble with my Mum Smiley Happy

Re: What did you do today?

- Enrolled in my uni subjects for this semester

- Cleaned my room

- Read my book 'I Am Malala'

- SawThe Book Thief

- Played Scrabble whilst the power was out

Re: What did you do today?

Today I:

- Went to the dentist (boo)

- Had Japanese bento box for lunch (yum)

- Went home and watched a movie (relaxing)

- Had a meeting for the organisation I volunteer for (inspiring)

Re: What did you do today?

1. I woke up early, like at dawn

2. I went into my deep thoughts, and forgot I was still in bed. I can't even remember what I was thinking about. 

3. I wrote two poems

4. I ate

5. Sang along with some songs, even though my door was shut, my sister still heard me. Was trying to go a little easy, I have throat tickles jumping in my throat. 

6. Spent time with people- I entertained my sister. Though its been pretty quiet today. 

7. Jumped around-I had way too much energy. 

8. Spent some time surfing the net. I'm still so bored. 

9. Organised a few things. 



Re: What did you do today?

- Watched Glee

- Went to my Gran's house

- Went to the fresh fruit and vege market

- Planned my trip to Europe


And that's about it so far!

Re: What did you do today?

I stayed at my boyfriends house so we got up, had breakfast and mucked around.

He dropped me home before he went to work and I surfed the internet and watched T.V. Smiley Happy

Re: What did you do today?

So far today I've:

  • Exercised for 45 minutes Smiley Very Happy
  • Finished some work for Chemistry
  • Made pancakes
  • Folded my clean clothes
  • Played outside with my dog
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Re: What did you do today?

I like this thread, reflecting on my day. Even though today wasn't that productive...
I managed to complete my maths assignment
Babysit my neighbours, although it was only one of them because the other was at his friend's place.
And try a veggie pattie from subway.

Re: What did you do today?

Today was probably the most I've ever done so far this year in one day. It means my treatment is working. =)

I slept in as long as I could, then I surprised my nephews and nieces followed by spending the day watching them play sport, run around with them. Then I went for a walk, baked a cake, play hide and seek with the youngest nephew. I found an awesome spot, even my dad couldn't find me. Smiley Happy Decorated the cake and finally, spent most of the night online.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ