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What makes us unique?

So I made this post last year about being proud of who you are and I was just thinking, that for me, thats super great that I'm proud of those parts of me but everybody is unique but I don't seem to embrace that very often. So I was thinking we could post about things that make us unique and a little different - because different is great!


It can be anything at all, so this is what I think makes me special....




My cultural background

I also said this in the above post about things that I'm proud of. 


I've known I am half indigenous for pretty much my whole life but just recently after a lot of research and helpful website links from @Sophie-RO I've found out a lot more information about that part of me. It makes me unique because not many people know much about their background and have the cultural history that I do. I'm made up on a culture that has a very interesting history which goes back a long long time. 




and also


psychically I am unique, because each scar and each mark on my body tells different parts of my story and that story is so different to every other person in this world. Nobody has been through exactly what I have, maybe similiar but not exactly. My history is something only I hold.  


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Re: What makes us unique?

Love this so much @j95!! That's amazing you have been able to find out more about your indigenous culture, family, ancestry - something to be so very proud of, as well as how you have gone from strength to strength through your mental health journey....

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Re: What makes us unique?

I'm unique because:

My awesome tattoos have meaning and purpose.

I change hair colour every 2 months and I'm a natural redhead.

My best friend is 10 years older than me and of the opposite sex.

I'm a regular at the psych hospital but I'm trying to Change that
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
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Re: What makes us unique?

@j95 I'm actually really excited for your discovery! Learning about your cultural background can be a really significant point in someone's life. I work with a lot of young people who have an Indigenous background and they have this huge sense of pride about where they came from and the lands that they once walked. I think it's so amazing and totally awesome, I love listening to them talk about it!


@redhead I never would have guessed you were a natural redhead (; Haha. I love dying my hair too! Although I've been dying it different shades of red and organge for the last two years Smiley Tongue



Something I think that makes me unique is that the fact that I am totally in love with so many different contrasting things - I love EDM music but also post-hardcore, black clothing but also floral prints, cute, adorable things but also violent video games and movies etc. So many things interest me, I just want a piece of everything!

Re: What makes us unique?

Pretty neat thread.


Growing up I mostly only had the chance to meet some pretty angry indigenous kids that pretty much just hated you for being white and wanted to fight you all the time and kept threatening to harm your family if you looked at them wrong. But since shifting to the city I've met a lot of nicer ones. One of my teachers I had last year is indigeonous too and was explaining to us about the culture, different tribes, how the land is still respected, etc. which gave me a lot more appreciation. 


Anyway. My own history is somewhat lacking. My family just doesn't seem to care about maintaining it, and I was never told any stories about my herritage. All I knew for sure was that I must be English or close to it just based on our traditions and food etc. But last year, kinda as a result of the previously mentioned teacher actually, I got thinking about it more and decided to do something about it before the only people I may be able to gather information from are gone. So yes, I signed up for an account with ancestry, and I have build quite the family tree there and I make use of the odd weekends where they do free record access for certain things. That was somewhat of a hobby for a few months, and in that time I was able to find links to New Zealand, lots of England (even specific states where properties were, churches people belonged to, etc.), and some from Scottland. I also have native American relations, who I'd call my cousins, and that part of the tree (when I get around to it) will be crazy because there were lots of men fathering children to many different women and stuff like that with few legitimate marraiges. And it's funny, because though all this, I've been able to come back down to people existing today too, some of which had Facebook accounts and I was able to message them and explain this story. Some didn't reply, some did and were very hesitant so I guess they're not as worried about family as I am, but it still helped solidify the achievement, becuase otherwise I would never have known about those family members that I currently share the same world with. 

Something other than my family that makes me unique (especially having grown up in the country) was that I spent a lot of time, I'd say, 'gowing up online'. I think it's the most accurate way to describe it because in the absence of regular contact with family, and with split parents who both worked a lot, and a brother who doesn't really care for me, I was left alone a lot, but still definitely had my social quota to fill. So I branched out online, and met many people, and have learned a lot about the world, way more than I ever did through school. As it stands, I feel I have a good world view, with knowledge of many cultures, both from my own reading and direct recounts form friends I made in other countries, and I think to how my parents would have been happy for me to grow up just quietly, hitting the books, and joining the workforce and living out my life in the country town I grew up in, I would have known nothing in comparison. I'm actually the first in my family to move away from family for study, and only the second to actually go to Uni, so it has been very difficult for my family to understand, they feel I've abandoned them, and keep saying I'll probably never want to come back now I've tasted the city and stuff like this, even though I've been able to maintain visiting them every term break for the last year and a half. I think maybe they're getting a bit senile and their thoughts are clouded by their emotion rather than what's actually heppening. I dunno. In any case I plan to go further yet. There's many countries I want to visit as I've gained a love for some other cultures through what I have learned, and some of these friends I need to 'meet' to have their stories solidified in my direct experience of their culture. My Uni has good studying abroad programs too where you can go for a semester to another of many different countries to study and the Uni will cover the rent so I'm hoping to take advantage of that a number of times over the course of finishing my undergrad and hopefully then masters.

Re: What makes us unique?

Hmm, good question!


  • I have a small cafe au lait birthmark on my left shoulder 
  • I am the first in my family on both sides (maternal and paternal) to ever attend university
  • High heat tolerance! (All dat spice)
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Re: What makes us unique?

@j95 that's so interesting, and great that you found out more about your culture as well! I'm trying to do a similar thing because the ancestry on my dad's side of the family is much more hazy than that on my mum's side, but it's proving difficult at the moment.


Other things that make me unique (apart from my hazy family tree):

  • I have rather translucent skin, so you can see a lot of my veins criss-crossing along my arms and legs, and they sometimes pop up under the skin when the weather is warm
  • I'll read practically anything - I have a pile of books which are like a 'currently reading' pile and you'll find Terry Pratchett or George R.R. Martin under a book about the neurology of consciousness or Maya Angelou's biographical work
  • I used to write a lot of fiction as a teenager (also fanfic lmao) and the plotlines are still in my head, so I'll sometimes pull one out and think/daydream about it when I'm bored or waiting around for something

Re: What makes us unique?

@safari93 it is so interesting when you get a chance to look into your background. I knew nothing when I started looking because it's my dad's side and I can't ask him. So I had to start with just me and him that's all the information I got but it's so worth it when you do find something!
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: What makes us unique?

My perspective on, well, everything. Smiley Tongue

Re: What makes us unique?

Loves it! @N1ghtW1ng

Just being me! That is what makes me unique. Smiley Happy

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