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What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

Hey... long time no see R.O. Havn't spoke to you guys in ages legit.


Anyway, take this question to your heads and think about it carefully mate => What makes you unique compared to everyone else?

Everyone stirve to be the same and hence try to be 'normal'.


Conformity is what I am talking about. Many people think doing the same thing as others is normal and will be accepted to their society. And I shall say NO!  But when you look at it, they are being abnormal to try to be the same as everyone else.


Why should you be 'norma' to satify others when you ain't satifying yourself? Is that worth it or what? Everyone should be the person they should be, there is no need to be someone else. That just gives you a ticket to boringness and inconfidence. Be confident what you are and like the Barbie Doll says "The most beauitful thing is yourself" I agree with her with this one! Smiley Happy


So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that conformity mask and be yourself, you'll never fall when you don't lack individuality!


Go in there and be fully awesome!


But before you go in there, give me five things that make you unique to everyone else! Smiley Very Happy


~ Doni99 (Your R.O homey)

Re: What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

@Doni99 great post!!! Conformity and fitting in is so overrated, honestly. Throughout your life in primary school, highschool there is always this sterotypical person you should be, it puts pressure on you as  a person and you're really being someone you don't even know. As soon as indviduals see for themseleves that is ok and perfectly normal to be yourself is when they feel free and independance. 

It's not worth it one bit to try and satisfy others whilst forgetting about your own happiness. At the end of all this do you really want to be friends or involved with someone that doesn't accept you for who you are and what you are made of? Would you rather be a fake person in order to keep a friend? I personally never would. Take me or leave me I don't plan to change it's tooooo hard trying to be someone you're not it's easier being me and I personally like doing the easier things in life 


To answer your question... what makes me unique is my quirky personality. I have a dry but funny sense of humor alot would find 'weird' but i find it to be one of the best things that define me :-) 

Re: What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

Hmmm... I was gna say my hair but my sister has the same hair style as me Smiley Happy (dreadlocks) so, my fiesty but positive attitude. I think I'm both sugar and spice. Smiley Happy
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

Nice post,  @Doni99!
What makes me unique is:

  • My accent (my parents are from two different countries, so I sound like a hybrid!)
  • I'm a grown woman with a teddy bear (who I loan out to friends when they're down and need a teddy to hug!)

I'd love to hear what makes *you* unique! Smiley Happy



Re: What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

haha awesome post @Doni99 

I like your style!


five unique things about me hmm..

1. this week I have blue hair (not unique to other peeps with blue hair but its pretty unique i suppose)

2. I am somewhat of a dog whisperer

3. I have an ever growing obsession with cacti and succulent plants - I just love them

4. I am a terrible singer but I will make songs about my dog/s and sing them to them. or I will sing along to the radio but change the words of the song to be about my dogs and how much I love them

5. I cannot deal with the toilet paper roll being put on the holder the wrong way. The new sheets must come from the top.. NOT the bottom. Its just unnatural


What are yours @Doni99 ?

Re: What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

Ooooh, fantastic question! I think there are so many things that make me unique, but I'll share just two Smiley Tongue


1. My interest in politics. I find it incredible that so many young people aren't even enrolled to vote! It's a huge part of my life right now, and is definitely something that makes me stand out from the crowd of 17 year olds Smiley Happy

2. I love Maths. No, really. I do. It's always been my favourite subject at school, and I cannot for the life of me understand why it's cool to hate on it. Nerds for life! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

Thank you #everyone for your responses! I am very glad you guys are being yourselves, it feels good to hear that because many people in my grade are conformists which makes me somewhat angry legit! I could tell they are trying to be liked by others yet they still get gossiped about by those who they are trying to impress.

When people pull you down when they realise that you don't conform simply suggests that you are above them! Smiley Very Happy Why be below them to make them feel good? People who are different and accepts their uniqueness are the winners of confidence and high self esteem! Smiley Very Happy

I really appreciate your responses, I am happy my point on conformity goes across! Smiley Happy Continue being your selves for the rest of your life! You will never be unhappy!

Oh LOL, I ask people from R.O to tell me what makes them unique and now they are asking me what makes me unique! hehehehe Thanks guys!


Here goes Smiley Very Happy

1) My hair grows very long for small periods of time compared to many people in my grade

2) I don't wear make-up to school (I only wear it for special occassions like weddings, formal etc.)

3) I am a Tom Boy, I love dog tags, boy shoes, car games such as Need for Speed and Cricket Smiley Happy

4) I don't wear short stuff such as shorts and skirts. If I do, I wear leggings underneath. I can't wear shorts or skirts bare if they are like above my knee for like five centimetres!

5) What makes me unique? I am different compared to everyone! Everyone has this! ;D

Thanks guys & please share your views!

Re: What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

Great question  @Doni99 ! Smiley Happy

I think what makes me unique is that my experiences are completely different to those of any one else. There is the possibility of overlap, but no one else will have felt exactly the way I did in a situaton and often everyone will do slightly different things and come from different backgrounds. Smiley Happy


Also, I like to think being a twin makes me unique too.

Re: What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

I legit-ly agree with you @Lightuptheworld!

Experiences is what makes us different & unique from others! So true! Smiley Happy

I love your quote "We're all different, we're all the same" = so true! Smiley Happy

Thank you for sharing !!!!!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What makes you unique compared to everyone else? :D

I have an... interesting perception of stuff.