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What's your most recent good deed?

Doing good makes me feel good and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one.


SO share your most recent expereince of doing good, big or small, I want to hear it Smiley Happy

Re: What's your most recent good deed?

Great idea @StarLord!


I can't think of my most recent exactly, but the other day I bought some food for a homeless person outside of McDonalds and her gratitude was beautiful to see.


How about you, what's your latest good deed? 

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Re: What's your most recent good deed?

@letitgo that is beautiful! It's a great way to help out homeless people while being able to make sure that you know you money is actually helping them (and not going somewhere else!)

Mine's on a much smaller scale, but I guess I organised a friend's birthday present chip-in even though I didn't know many people who were attending the party!
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Re: What's your most recent good deed?

Honours theses are due in on Monday, so a lot of my friends in 4th year psychology have been scrambling to finalize their submissions (for those who don't know, your performance in 4th year plays a large part in whether you get to become a psychologist). The panic in the lab is almost palpable- and everyone's working like a maniac*. Most of them haven't had more than 5 hours of sleep in days, and at least two have been staying at uni well past midnight to 2-3am in the morning doing nothing but editing. Food has become an afterthought that is only consumed to stop the body from rebelling and shutting down and cutting into productivity.


So to distract us all from the exhaustion, I brought in a bar of Toblerone for everyone to share. I needed an excuse to have chocolate, and they needed the energy. I honestly wanted to get everyone dinner, but after about 2 weeks of 12 hours a day indoors doing nothing but writing, everyone had gotten used to bringing food with them already, and there was no way I could cater for everyone. Ah well, maybe on Monday.


*: Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the corner, quietly trying to come to terms with the fact that I will be in their shoes very, very soon. I didn't need the chocolate quite as badly as everyone else, but I think I needed it all the same.

Re: What's your most recent good deed?

@Chloee I agree. I'm not really comfortable with giving away money because you never know what it's actually going towards, but everyone needs food...


Also, that's a really lovely good deed! And very brave of you - it can be difficult to organise stuff like that, especially with people you don't know.

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