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Re: What sites do you visit?

Interesting thread Lokifish!


hotmail/ outlook

University homepage


Blackboard learn



I am seeing a pattern here. There are a lot of social network (e.g. fb and twitter) and social media (e.g. email, youtube etc) sites being visited. I feel not so guilty spending so much time on them myself now Smiley Very Happy


Also this Monday's Getting Real (3/6/13) is on Social Media. Come and join in the disccusion at 8pm AEST!

Re: What sites do you visit?

At the moment my top visited sites are

Dictionary & (they always pop up at least 2-3 times a week!)
SchoolsOnline (school - HSC releated, Board Of Studies ) (for hsc subject help, they have helped me so much the last 12months!)
& least of all Facebook & Tumblr (such a time waster and so addictive!)

SO there's 10 there, but they are the sites I'm always bound to be found on at one stage or another, (apart from the last two, that's when I venture onto the home computer...)


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Re: What sites do you visit?


Re: What sites do you visit?

in no paticular order they are 


recover your life 


university subject site 

project free tv

comm bank 


Re: What sites do you visit?

its good to see a lot of us r frequently going onto our uni's website Smiley Wink

Re: What sites do you visit?

I'm lame





The Spartz media pages

Dear Blank Please Blank


the "Not Always" series


Twitter (although rarely seeing as I tweet from my phone)

TAFE website

and hopefully from now on:

Reach Out Smiley Happy

Re: What sites do you visit?

  •  Google +
  •  Yahoo Mail
  •  Youtube
  •  Reach Out (DUHHHHHHHHHHH!)
  •  Glogster
  •  Edmodo (Have to! It's where all my assignments and homework is sent to us at school electronically!)

Re: What sites do you visit?

My most visited are currently:


1. Facebook

2. My string quartet website (back end)

3. YouTube

4. The actual website for my string quartet

5. NetBank

6. My uni website

7. Hotmail

8. Google

Re: What sites do you visit?

this is interesting Smiley Happy

mine ...

1. facebook
2. youtube
6. gmail
7. fit n fast ? (that's probably my sister using my laptop)
8. ozbargain

interesting to see all those different sites people are using atm

Re: What sites do you visit?

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • eBay
  • and recently - ReachOut