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What to watch on Netflix

Like most of the population I have a Netflix account and I love finding out what people are netflixing and any tv show/movie recommendations they have. 

So post away what shows and movies on Netflix are amazing and everyone needs to watch? Are there are any shows/movies on Netflix that you don't understand the hype surrounding? What shows/movies do you keep rewatching on Netflix?


***Full disclaimer this post is not sponsored or endorsed by Netflix in anyway, but ReachOut would totally be open to sponsorship deal or possible reality show arrangement (maybe about @lokifish training their rubber ducks to take over the world?) if the terms were good. 

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Re: What to watch on Netflix

I know this wasn't the point of the thread but after that last paragraph I couldn't help myself Smiley Tongue


Suggestions for a RO-themed Netflix series:


  • A spinoff Avengers series starring myself and @thorfish (who, by the way, is totally not also me)
  • Karaoke with @mrmusic
  • For the kids: learn your A, @Bee, C's
  • The latest fashion trends in hair-dye colours, starring @redhead
  • 26-minute sports segments with @FootyFan26
  • Gardening with @roseisnotaplant, in which every episode is a rant about how roses are NOT plants (may also be room for a guest-feature in Bee's show - they are Elmo, after all!)
  • Disney movie reviews with @letitgo
  • DC series starring @N1ghtW1ng, which, let's face it, will never live up to my Marvel series Smiley Tongue
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Re: What to watch on Netflix

TV shows on Netflix that are worth watching:

Brooklyn Nine Nine - no explanation needed its the best show on Netflix.

Degrassi Next Class - it will make you cry, laugh and everything in between. Bonus points for incorporating mental illness in it realistically.

Good Girls - new show on Netflix that will keep you on the edge of your seats. 

Champions - another new show on Netflix that is hilarious and well worth watching for a laugh.

The IT Crowd - its British and has that guy from Bridesmaids in it, its one of those shows that you will find yourself quoting non stop and it will make you laugh until you cry.

The Greenhouse Academy - a school for the super gifted teens with a few conspiracy theories thrown in. What team are you on Raven or Eagle?



Kiss and Cry - based on a true story its a great film and a must watch.

FullOut - also based on a true story about a gymnast finding her feet again after a serious car accident.


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: What to watch on Netflix

Yes @lokifish now to get Netflix's attention with these awesome show ideas! 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: What to watch on Netflix

I have watched the following shows on @ErinsAntics list 🙂
Brooklyn nine nine, Degreassi next class, Kiss & cry, Fullout

After the mention of Fullout I need to mention Raising the Bar (I realy like this one its straight awesome and on par with Full Out!)
Also A second chance

I have also watched and recomend
Heartland: it starts where Amy is dealing with the loss of her mother after a tragoc accident rescuing an abused horse. Over the many seasons the show follows the family and the ups and downs as this change in each characters lives.
Alexa & Katie a strong story about a friendship between two girls starting high school when one gets cancer. Its touching but also very upbeat 🙂

I'm currently watching The Next Step which @ErinsAntics put me onto it feels cringeworthy to start with tbh but I've grown to luke it and currently in season 4.
Other dance related shows/movies: Dance Academy, Ballerina, You can TuTu, Backstage, lift me up

Atypical - this ones follows a character on the autism spectrum and I just really enjoyed it. I felt connected and related to the character and it helped me understand a bit more about what its like to be him. I want more of it!!!

Gaga: fove foot two. Yes its a documentary but I liked it. All about Lady Gaga.

I got into offspring and reallly liked the series. I dound myself relating to nina a lot.
Nina is an obstetrician in Melbourne steuggling with her increasingly chaotic family, romantic and professional aspects of her life.

I also really enjoyed Suits and Jessica Jones which I would watch again.

Theres others I've half watched or completely watched that I feel aren't appropriate to mention on the forums as the contact could trigger people and I don't want to do that. 🙂❤

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Re: What to watch on Netflix


Coming soon to a television near you.

Re: What to watch on Netflix

Omg yes @lokifish I fully embrace my new role as RO's Disney movie reviewer! Smiley Tongue


As to Netflix recommendations, I enjoy the following:


- Dear White People

- Riverdale

- Crazy Ex Girlfriend

- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

- Jessica Jones

- Jane the Virgin


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Re: What to watch on Netflix

I like schitts creek, it's pretty funny.
And there are some good scifi I haven't got round to watching it all yet.

@lokifish all the hairdressers/barbors would talk about tattoos on my show Smiley Tongue
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Re: What to watch on Netflix

 Schitt's Creek is simply the best Heart , brooklyn nine nine, the crown, orphan black, queer eye and stranger things Smiley Happy 

Re: What to watch on Netflix

*cough* Ninjago is on Netflix!!! *cough*