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Re: Where in the world...

Wow, that sounds like a great trip you have planned, Christiana!

Re: Where in the world...

Yea Jay-Dee, I plan to make it a memorable one Smiley Happy

Re: Where in the world...

I went to England last year and if there is one place in the whole tripI enjoyed the most, it was to Bath.

Ironically, I bought a rubber duck in Bath!


The other place we went was Paris and if you can, go to the first level Cafe in the Eiffel Tower.

They have the best chicken I have EVER tasted! Better than KFC  Smiley Very Happy


The place I would go to in the world would be to Uluru, (a few days driveSmiley Very Happy).

I didn't like leaving the country...


The ulitimate place to go would be Alaska to go gold mining!!


 Perfect Smiley Very Happy

Re: Where in the world...

I've been to my ultimate destination Japan three times in the past four years! I love it there!


I suppose my ultimate destination that I haven't been to yet is Spain. I'm going there this June, so I'll get to tick that one off too and will have to pick another new ultimate destination!

Re: Where in the world...

Hmm~I'd love to go to Switzerland :3 or New Zealand, just to hike up some mountains Smiley Very Happy 

Going to the USA would be fun, particularly to San Francisco or New York. Haha, maybe I'll catch myself on Humans of New York (HONY) Who knows?Smiley Tongue


Stay excellent