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Where is everyone from

So over feeling like i have no one i need friends im from Brisbane qld im 21

Re: Where is everyone from

Hi @kattie_baby and welcome to ReachOut!! 


It's great to see you reaching out (pun not intended) here!! In wonderful coincidences, here's a new thread where you can intro yourself and meet other people too!! Of course, we also have other threads in the Hanging Out boards and you can also go to the Games forum, so go for it!!



Re: Where is everyone from

i am from Brisbane too. I recently had a break-up from a relationship and now i feel like i am devastated. I dont have anyone to talk about it. I had no friends and she was the only friend that i had. now she is not talking to me. I just need to talk to someone and release this heavyness i am feeling inside. I am also looking for new friends now since i realised that having no friends is like living in an open jail that nobody talks to you. I am happy to share your lonelyness with some words and sounds if that is going to help. By doing so I believe i will get some relief as well as i am worried that i might get sick of holding everything within me and sufferinf from inside day in day out. please do feel free ot contact me.. 

Re: Where is everyone from

Hey @kattie_baby and @Jaysen2906 !


Welcome to! We're glad that you've found us Smiley Happy


Like @safari93 has said, feel free to introduce yourself in Hanging Out or check out our Games section too. However, to keep everyone safe here on the forums, take a read of our community guidelines.  Anonymity is a pretty big deal so revealing and exchaning personal contact details is breaking it. 


@Jaysen2906 - I'm sorry to hear about your recent break-up. I can see how you may feel lonely and sad that your girlfriend was your only friend. It's important to take some time out and do some self care; whether it's reading, listening to music, going for a walk. Basically, any positive activity that's just for you in taking care of yourself Smiley Happy Have you checked out whether there's any community groups or activities that you could join in with? Finding out what interests you and seeing if there's a club nearby can help you connect with like-minded people who may have similar hobbies. 

Stay excellent

Re: Where is everyone from

@Jaysen2906 Sorry to hear about your break up. Feel free to chat away. Like you i'm feeling a bit isolated atm. Hopefully things change for you.