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Who do you most admire and why?

Hey, everybody!


Was asked who I most admired recently. It was asked in an historical sense, but it needn't be in this instance. I nominated Isaac Newton, Abe Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Che Guevara. Their intelligence and integrity command respect, I think. In a non-historical sense, however, I would have to say my parents and my younger brother, in particular. Good, honest, righteous people, all of them. Who would you say you most admire any why?

Re: Who do you most admire and why?

This is an interesting question. The two people who come to mind for me, I don't necessarily admire them, but rather some things about them.


The first one is a man from my home town called "Bluey" (That's not his name, but we'll assume it is.) I grew up watching him play football for our town's club, and he was amazing. He truly had white line fever. Off the field he was the lovliest guy, and married to a beautifully wonderful person, who was my favourite teacher. But when he played footy, he turned into an animal. He was so fast, and quick, no-one could catch him, and he took the game on, and went for high risk stuff. Whenever he got the ball, or got near the ball, you knew something exciting was going to happen. All the crowd would cheer for him, and the opposition teams hated him with a passion. He was a demonic beast. I tried very hard to emulate that into my sports, because I admired that type of play. He and I are the sort of player who adds the random element to the team, who you are not sure if you want on your team, but you sure as hell know that you don't want them on the other team!


The second is Jimi Hendrix. I grew up listening to Cream from my dad, and Harry Connick Jr from my mum, and music was a big part of my life. I had heard Jimi Hendrix was a great guitar player, and when I got the chance to buy my first CD I bought a blues compilation by Jimi Hendrix. It totally rocked my world. It didn't make me want to play guitar then, but slowly over time I have turned my attention to the guitar. I bought two more albums, a best of CD and also live at woodstock. I really got into what he was doing with his song writing, and I bought a biography about him. He was a troubled individual. he was the son of a Native American and an African American, and lived in a poor suburb. His mother died at an early age, and he would play his dad's guitar. He was in a band eventually, and he also got into some trouble for stealing a car. Instead of going to jail, the judge offered him to join the army. He was a paratrooper, and did hundreds of jumps, but in his down time, he would be in the barracks just playing guitar. Eventually he got out of the army, and got back into music, after that a producer from the UK discovered him, and took him to england and he formed the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Its really sad that he got gobbled up by the industry, and it was only in the last few years leading up to his death that he really started to do amazing things with music, that he is not very well known for. You can hear this in the woodstock album with Band of Gypsies. It massively influenced my song writing when I eventually played guitar. I'm not sure what I admire about him? Perhaps it was just how he took blues, and jazz, and went in a direction before funk was born. I guess I admire the way he tried so hard to fight capitalism, which probably eventually resulted in his death. If he was to live on, and release the music he really wanted to make, then it would have changed the scope of music today.

Re: Who do you most admire and why?

'Bluey' and Hendrix? Both great choices! Is it true that Hendrix was right-handed but learnt on a guitar for left-handers? He is meant to have had enormous hands. And to have been really quiet. I didn't know he served in the army? I've heard that his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock in 1969 is meant to mimic the sound of a bomb being dropped and exploding on impact? His experience of combat would doubtless have been influential?


I know a 'Bluey' myself. You talking about Rugby League? You see the GF Sun? What did you think of it? Who do you support? My team - Newcastle - was eliminated in the week before the GF was played. Did well to make it that far...

Re: Who do you most admire and why?

I'm not sure about Hendrix and his left-handed guitar, its entirely possible he learned on a left-handed guitar, or that he played a right-handed one upside down. I've read it somewhere, but I don't remember. I remember reading how he used to air guitar with the broom in his bedroom, and his dad caught him, and they encouraged him to play guitar. I think it really gave him a base to work with, something to fall back on.


I'm not sure that he was really quiet or not, I think he was always just playing guitar, or scribbling lyrics. Lots of his lyrics were written on napkins in cafes. So you can imagine everyone else socialising, while Jimi was miles away thinking about something else. Perhaps that was why he seemed so quiet.


And no, I don't mean Rugby League. I played Aussie Rules, and later Rugby Union. I never really got into Rugby League, and I just thought it was more of a physical contest than a tactical one. Sure Aussie Rules and Rugby Union are also very physical, and often the hardest team at the ball will win the game, but there is more oppurtunity for flair and skill in Aussie Rules than there is in Rugby League. But in saying that, I play touch footy now, which is based around rugby league, but which only has the flair of running and passing in the backs, as all the hard tackling is taken out of the game. I still play touch very unconventionally, although there is a lot less room for doing so.


Speaking of GF, my team the Hawks, just won the AFL GF so I am very happy at the moment.

Re: Who do you most admire and why?

I'd have to say my Mum because she is a hard working woman who does everything for her children regardless of the cost. She is an amazing woman and I'm glad to learn so much from her. 


Also my Dad because even through all the challenges he has faced he is still strong, positive and will fight for his children. I would love to marry a man who has some of the qualities my dad has. 


Smiley Happy 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Who do you most admire and why?

Rugby League a game for boofheads?! Probs explains my interest! Ha, I play touch too! I was a good player 15kgs ago! I enjoy watching Union, though have never played myself. All the best Union players are ex-Leaguies, anyway! Ha, you're a Hawks fan? You would be happy! But losing Buddy to the Swans next year?! What else do you like to do? Do I remember you posting that you'd like to be a writer? Are you a reader?

Re: Who do you most admire and why?

Hey, @ruenhonx ! Thanks for contributing! Parents would, I think, be a popular selection. I'm amazed at the generosity and selflessness of our parents. They sacrifice so much for us! Def something to be admired. Thanks again for posting!

Re: Who do you most admire and why?

Wow awesome trend!

This is a pretty high end question - there are soo many! My old history teacher is the one I admire the most! He is awesome! He has a typical british accent although he's aussie and I absolutely love it when he says "The Germans!" I could listen to him talk for ages, man although he's old - he's real fun! I wish I had a granfather like him! ;D




Re: Who do you most admire and why?

I would probably say my mum and dad.


If I end up to be half the people they are in some ways I will be proud. I guess I admire them for raising me and being role models. I wouldn't be the person I am today without their influence.

Re: Who do you most admire and why?

I have a few:


First is Nick Vujicic. His speaches make me sob and he is just an inspirational and amazing man. Words can not even describe.



(if you want to watch the whole thing, it's about an hour long, it's worth it. )


Elijah Kihlstadius

I'd honestly be suprised if you have heard of this human, but he is so, so amazing. I first descovered him on tumblr and I've watched how he has turned his life around and started to inspire others. He is so lovely and passionate.


Jenna Marbles

She's basically an older me with better hair and loves dogs (i'm a cat person). She never fails to make me laugh, even when no one/nothing else can. I met this majestic human earlier on in the year and I was so happy that I teared up, which made her tear up and ugh, now we follow eachother on twitter and life's gooooood, hahaha.


Hayley Williams

I've looked up to Hayley for the longest, not only for music reasons, but she is just a combination of those above.