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Re: Who likes Cricketttttt?!

hey Doni99
you should look for indoor cricket, that way you can play year round and regardless of the season.
i love test matches, or 20/20.

  i love playing with my brothers in my back yard. We play with lots of balls so its faster and we don't have to felid as much . We usually buy a pack of 20 tennis balls and practices our off spin and swing. 

Do you prefer to bat?


Re: Who likes Cricketttttt?!


Should do that one day - after I finish my maths test! Smiley Tongue I gotta do a test to get into 2 Unit Maths next year (but apparently my tutor, said that teachers can't make us not do a subject, just cuz we ain't good enough!)

So yeah, thinking of playing wit my bro in a weekend (hopefully!)

Bro, I like batting (but I ain't that good at it) I would prefer to throw de ball Smiley Happy

Do you watch the following?

1) ICC World Cup

2) Ashes

3) T20

I'm out ;p