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Who's behind

Hey guys,


First post on the forum! So excited!


I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself and also have a space for other people behind to come and do the whole introduction thing.


My name's Madeline and I'm one of the Content Producer's for This means that I spend most of my days writing fact sheets and looking for new things we can do with the text and video content on the site. I'm hoping to become more of a regular on the forums so I'm sure you'll see me popping up in various places around the site.


See you next in the 5 random things thread...


Re: Who's behind



I'm Rosie, and I am the Youth Involvement Coordinator here at


My job title says it all really, I get the young people involved in the things we do! This mainly involves managing the existing commuity of Youth Ambassadors and organising workshops and activities to get more young people involved with the website. 


At all other times you will find me studying health, reading books, listening to Elvis and riding my bike (often all at once).


Now I shall follow Madeline's lead and head to the 5 random things thread.........................


Smiley Happy



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Re: Who's behind

Oh Rosie! I would so love to see you doing all those things at once!

Nice intros crew Smiley Happy

Re: Who's behind

Hi Madeline and Rosie!


Nice to meet you Madeline! Looking forward to seeing you around more. Writing factsheets sounds like fun Smiley Happy


I would say nice meet you too Rosie, but I believe we've 'met' before under your username at the old forum Smiley Very Happy. Good to see you on here. Your role sounds really cool.


*goes over to 5 things to have a look*


Re: Who's behind

Smiley Happy Cool idea. 

Hi Madeline and Rosie! Smiley Happy 



Re: Who's behind

You guys will probably see me around quite a lot coz I'm one of the lucky ones who job it is to coordinate these forums! I've been in this job for about a year and as the Online Community Coordinator for I'm responsible for making sure that everywhere that conversations are happening on remains safe, supportive and fun.


The main way that I do that is by managing our moderator programs - called Mod Squad and Cheer Squad at the moment.


My background is in youth work, women's health and community development - but I'm not a counsellor. If you need one on one support call Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 or visit the emergency help link in yellow at the top right of this page. 


I love working for this community and having conversations about the issues surrounding young people's wellbeing and mental health. My favourite sub-forum is the Getting Real sessions because I love hearing everyone's opinions on Monday Nights. I think it's really cool that the conversation then sits there on the forums for others to look at into the future.

Online Community Manager


Re: Who's behind

OH, so Community Builder ==> Cheer Squad?

Whats Mod Squad? All sound so sporty


Re: Who's behind



My name's Shane, I'm the Professionals Coordinator at Inspire. That basically means I work with a range of professionals (like counsellors, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, youth workers, social workers, nurses... <.<) through our ReachOut Pro service. I skill them up on why people like being online so much, how it can be helpful, and how online services like can be used to help people take control of their own mental health and wellbeing.


I'm a youth worker myself, as well as a sometimes activist, blogger and volunteer. I like ranting about political stuff and fixing broken things. I'm also a huge tech nerd ^_^



You'll see me around here from time to time, with opportunities to do stuff and other cool things as these forums grow to take over the world.


In the meantime, I've heard cool things about a 5 things about you thread and some kind of awesome pony thread, so I'll see you there!

Professionals Coordinator / Inspire Foundation

Re: Who's behind

What up homies? I’m Paulie. 


You might not have seen me around much, but that’s all about to change - I’m crashing the forum party yo! Well, not really crashing. As part of my role as the Marketing Coordinator at, I’m responsible for working with the team to coordinate conversations about relevant stuff throughout the community, including right here in the forums!


I also have the oh-so-fun job of managing our social media platforms and do a series of other bits and pieces of marketing and brand stuff around the place.


My background is in Economics and Social Science, which is random and surprisingly useful.


I love that having interesting conversations is part of my job and look forward to having great chats with y’all. 



Re: Who's behind

Hey humanoids!


I'm Nikki! I'm the duder that sits at the desk if you ever come into the office, or the voice you hear first if you ever ring the main line Smiley Happy This makes me the office administrator aka. overlord / master of the office universe at Inspire.


I like things and stuff. This includes tons of different music (but I spent a lot of time in the metal scene), skateboarding, playing with my friends regularly, action movies, science (from neurology to astronomical physics) and animal rights.


Would totes appreciate high fives if you recognise me in the future Smiley Happy 


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