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Re: Who's your role model?

I also have two role models. They're Sam Kerr and Alex Morgan, both of these beautiful, strong women have really helped me to not give up on soccer. Being a girl at my school, it seems foreign to play soccer. They do have a soccer class as a subject and there's only one other girl in my class and this is her first year of soccer. I can find it hard to play sometimes because I get really bad anxiety before games or class because of a home situation and most of the guys are better than me because they either have a better build for the sport of have been playing for longer than me. Both of these girls remind me that it might not seem like it but with hard work and consistency you can grow and be 'better' than anyone. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how fast you run or how far you can kick a long ball but it comes down to grit and wanting it more than anything.