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Re: Whovians, UNITE!

Whovians! After several new episodes have been released, I would LOVE to know your opinions.

Episodes released so far:

Deep Breath

Into the Dalek

Robot of Sherwood


Time Heist


I'm very excited about the new season and I need to know your opinions!!

I'd also like to know your conspiracy theories about Missy and the 'promised land' business.


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Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I like the new Doctor, but I'm not too sure about this season so far. The Robin Hood ep was fun, and the one that came after (the silence?). I haven't seen this week's ep yet.



Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I was actually really disapointed in Robot of Sherwood. Normally I like the light and funny episodes but I really didn't enjoy the interaction between Robin Hood and The Doctor, I just felt like it was all too over the top.


On the other hand, I absolutely loved 'Listen'. It's probably one of my favourite episodes that I've ever seen. I'm curious to see whether Clara and Danny Pink are 'end game' so to speak. The episode went to a lot of effort implying that the futuristic relatives of Danny Pink were offspring of him and Clara without actually coming out and saying it. I wonder if that's what they wanted us to assume so they can give us a big twist in the finale. I enjoyed Time Hiest as well! Although it was a bit creepy when the people had their minds all sucked out of them and their heads went all funnyshaped, haha.


I'm really looking forward to the caretaker episode tonight though! I always love when the Doctor interacts with people in current-day society where they have no idea who he is or what is going on.

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I'm a big whovian, but more so the original series. My favourite doctor is Colin baker (6th) and my favourite companion was Ace.
I don't like Clara. Stopped watching Dr who when she came in tbh.
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Re: Whovians, UNITE!

@redhead I can't believe I found someone else who's favourite is Colin Baker! We really are a minority in the whovian community, ashame more people don't recognise how great he was and is. I am a fan of both Classic and New Who, although I amonly 16 my first Doctor was Tom Baker, followed by Peter Davison then Jon Pertwee. I think Colin Baker, Paul McGann and Christopher Ecclestone are seriously underated. Also for any New Who fans that haven't seen much Classic Who, if you analyse the 6th and 10th Doctors, you will find they are extremely similar, although unfortunately Colin wasn't allowed to be as funny or as dark as he wanted to be, he was forced to wearthat rainbow monstrosity of anoutfit instead of the one he picked (made chiefly of black velvet), had to end most episodes on a stupid over used close up that was meant to show distress, and had a (talented but) inflexible head writer. Favourite ep at the moment would have to be 'The End Of Time', The (John Simm) Master, 10 and Wilf all in one episode :')

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I wanted to resurrect this thread! I'm relatively new to DR Who but have been watching it on ABC these last couple of years.. I've seen bits and pieces of the 9th & 10th Doctor and most of 11th but none of 12th yet.....

I'm excited to see it and maybe go back to old series/doctors....

Any suggestions on how a relative new-comer should proceed with viewing? Should I go back to very beginning or where do I start?

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

Start with Modern Who and then dive into the sea of episodes that is Classic Who, so start with the 9th. David Tennant's acting is really good, but Eccleston was the one who resurrected the fandom (topical, eh?).

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

And Ecc just has this amazing quirky way about him that just made his season so awesome, It was amazing. Especially Empty Child and the "moisturize me" lady whose name I forgot ( I need to rewatch so much doctor who...........)