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Whovians, UNITE!

Just wondering if there are ANY Whovians on this site.


For those of you who don't know, a Whovian is a Doctor Who fan.


Doctor Who is my life and I am curious if it is to anyone else!


(Loving the Daleks as Avatars!!)


If you are a Whovian, who is your favourite character and what is your best fact about DW?


Smiley Very Happy

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I know there are quite a few of us on here Smiley Happy

It's pretty obvious, but my favourite character is The Doctor Smiley Wink Particularly 10 but 11 is a very close second.
Of companions, um, really I've liked all of them in different ways. I'm interested in what they do with Clara. Rose was so good, I'm looking forward to seeing her and 10 in the 50th. I think Martha is really under appreciated in the community. I liked Donna and particularly the different dynamic. Amy and Rory I think overstayed, but I still liked them.
I haven't watched much of classic who though.

Basically, I just like most of the characters. The only one I can think of that I'm not big on is River.

I can't think of any facts or anything haha

How about you?

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

huge whovian over here!!!!

It's pretty hard to choose a favourite character, they're all so great! Although right at this second I'm going to have to go with the 10th doctor, mainly because ABC is replaying his seasons, and they just played the episode where Rose is trapped in the alternate universe, so many tears!!

I do like river, but I know I'm probably in the minority in that, like I don't love her, but I do tend to like the episodes she's in. Also agree with Birdseye that Amy/Rory overstayed a little bit, like I liked both of them as characters, although I think they played 'the girl who waited' note waaay to much.

What do you guys think of the choice for the 12th doctor?? I was hoping for a female doctor, but I'm pretty interested...

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I don't particularly like Peter as the new Doctor, mainly because I've seen his work before (Fires of Pompeii) and I can honestly say that was not my favourite episode.


I absolutely agree with both of you, Amy and Rory's story seemed to go no where, they were just a part of every episode and didn't seem to be changing that much. This is why I like Clara. When she first started, I really didn't like her. She would stand up to him and show authority which I don't really like when you've only just met someone. But now, I see her wittiness and intelligence shine through and I quite like her.


I do also like River, I just don't see how she's going to feel about the Doctor and Clara being so close.. I know that what happens now is before her time but I wonder, will she time travel back to before she was born and catch the Doctor and Clara together?


Anyways, I could go on all day about this!


Next question for you all,

What was your first episode and did you like it?


Mine was the first Christopher Eccleston episode with the moving dummies and I loved it. And I am still, to this very day, absolutely terrified by shop dummies because of this episode!!

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I'm sort of reserving judgement on Peter until I see him as the 12th Doctor. I didn't particularly care for him in Fires of Pompeii but it's a very different role and I've seen snippets of him in other things.

I would have been really annoyed if they made the Doctor female, honestly I don't ever want that to happen. At least, I don't want it to happen before we get one of a different race or something.

I don't think the Doctor/Clara will have any sort of romantic relationship. Especially once the 12th Doctor is in.
I'd be more interested in River meeting Rose.

I think my first episode may have been Daleks in Manhatten. Which I certainly didn't like. It may have actually been my second episode, I don't remember for certain.

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

Hey fellow Whovians!


My favourite Doctor was the 10th. For most of Matt Smith's era, I decided to not like him. Before Matt announced he was leaving, I decided he was ok after all. Now he is leaving! I would have to start that cycle of accepting another new doctor when Peter comes on.


The show has a tendency of asking one-time only actors to return to the show, usually as a different character (i.e. Donna (pre Martha episodes) came back as the 10th Doc companion, Amy (was in Fire of Pompeii), now Peter/ 12th Doc (also from the same episode). 


My favourite companion is Donna. Sad she lost all those memories. I also liked River Song. When she first came on in the Silence in the Library, her relationship with the Doctor was so mysterious it frustrated me. Now I just felt sorry for her. She could never be with the Doctor and she dies! 


Trying to not to think about the 50th anniversary. I hope it blows me away. Still not sure who John Hurt really is. Is he the recarnation before Christopher? Is he really the Doctor?  




Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I'm pretty ehhh about peter capdili (I know I spelt that wrong) like it's pretty obvious that he's going to be a more serious doctor than matt smith, but I just really want him to remeber the silly, fun, crazy parts of the doctor! I hope they don't make him too dark (espeically with the whole Dark Doctor stuff, am super confused about all of that. Also does that mean that the doctor doesn't have any regenerations left????) 


The one thing I don't like about Clara is that she is somehow destined to save the doctor, while I love the doctor, I want the compainims to be different, I suppose independant characters. I mean I love the doctor and he's awesome, but I don't love how Clara's fate, and like only purpose is to save the doctor. In saying all that, I do actually really love her character.


The first episode I ever watched was the eventh hour, the episode where the Doctor meets Amelia Pond (who I sometimes think is awesomer than her older self) and deals with prisoner zero. I remeber just loving what a great character the doctor was, and how he was crazy and funny, but he was also dead serious.



Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I really want one thing and for Steven Moffat, it would be simple.

I want Jenny to come back.

It's simple because Jenny is a time lord - she can regenerate so, they could add her into any story as any actress they want!

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

This might sound bad - But I've never watched this lol Smiley Happy

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

@Doris wrote:


The show has a tendency of asking one-time only actors to return to the show, usually as a different character (i.e. Donna (pre Martha episodes) came back as the 10th Doc companion, Amy (was in Fire of Pompeii), now Peter/ 12th Doc (also from the same episode). 


I could not be more excited about Peter Capaldi. He is an excellent character who has a much greater range than people give him credit for. He really can be comical and quirky like the 11th!



But my big question here is — will they address the fact that he was in the Fires of Pompeii? Isn't this something they need to do??